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Re: New server
« Reply #15 on: Aug 18, 2017, 03:23 AM »
I'm going to answer your questions one by one
1-You buying/making a brand new server or buying a old project email database etc? What's different between the two types witch better?
2-How much time you got to run the server per day, week, Or hiring someone to run it for you? All the time, i'm going to run it with my friends
3-were you want it to be host, you want proxy servers or just some local host? I think i'll host it
4- proteccion, what type of security you want to run? I think i'm going with strong security
5-type of art you want to run on the website/server sprites etc? i have someone to take care of art and photoshop
6- how much you plan to use on the website, how much you want to use on the adverstise? I think i'll give all need to make it wellm any suggestion how much i need?
7-how much you plan to pay staff, type of donations you want to run? staff like what? for donation i think i'll discuss this later

thank you

My answer:
1. Why you need to buy an old project if you're able to make one? We have lots of forums in different emulator [rathena/herc etc]. In my own opinion its better to make your own so you can know and learn all the ingame bugs that may appear in future.
2. Don't ask for time. Its all about dedication if you wanted to have a 500+ players then you need to put most of your time to your server. Having that kind of population is not easy. You need effort and strategy in able to increase your population.
3. VPS host(w/ DDOS protection) - Its very easy to do DDOs attack this days.
4. Protection? For client - GEPARD
5. Any anime types can do. Depends on what type of server you run. (For classic/official server it must be pre-re photos only but still depends on you)|
6. http://forum.ratemyserver.net/server-discussion/how-to-make-a-failed-ro-pserver/ this is very effective. read it.
7. Don't make a higher price for your donation. Most of the players want a balance gameplay. Make it cheap, for sure many players will play in your server.

Goodluck to your project.