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Author Topic: Low Rate Ideas  (Read 6465 times)

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Re: Low Rate Ideas
« Reply #15 on: Mar 30, 2018, 01:05 PM »
ive been thinking alot on what to increase, whether to  increase the Max Status or Increase the Base Level based from the suggestions above.hmmmmm! /hmm

creator and champion will be a problem though
I can cap the asura sp damage for it to become balance, same as through with the damage capability of the creator,


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Re: Low Rate Ideas
« Reply #16 on: Apr 06, 2018, 04:53 AM »
i tried my x50 rebirth

and with some status points as rewards..
these are the only status points allocation using assassin
str  - 99
agi - 99
dex - 93
luk - 1
vit - 1
int - 1

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Re: Low Rate Ideas
« Reply #17 on: Apr 06, 2018, 11:07 PM »
Gonna leave my ideas of a nice low rate server, I doubt anyone would actually use it because is kind of unpopular but hey maybe a miracle will come by, let's go by topics:

- Leveling:
Should be just as important as anything else on the game, the party bonus exp needs to be nerfed, Rag can be played solo but I usually see 15-20% bonus exp per member on your party, you just need a big group and max level is just one day away even on a 1x server using a few battle manuals. Since leveling solo IS MUCH less efficient the bonus should actually be for solo players, nothing too high, just to make the game more soloable.
A lot of others successful action rpg's and mmorpgs already noticed this and have a secondary level that is virtually endless, like Paragon on Diablo 3, since we can't have this on Ragnarok I think that a low rate with a super high level cap would be the best experience, at least it was for me on 2 servers that I played with this kind of setting, the last one was a 7/7/3 with 999 max level, super awesome.
At the same time the monsters needs to receive a power up as well, you would need stronger monsters and bosses so the game doesn't become an endless grinding of super weak monsters after some time when you are at higher levels, so you would need more maps with much harder areas to grind.

- Customization:
The original content is great but man, I really can't understand why so many people love the basic stuff, I started playing RO 14 years ago and the main content is just boring at this point, custom monsters, cities, maps, dungeons, instances, equipment, cards, global bosses, global drops, custom systems like gods devotion, custom history, I mean, MORE IS BETTER, if you want the original boring stuff, just play an original server, that's my like of though.
Specially equipment, Ragnarok has a TON of items but not enough to make a lot of end game builds viable and some of this fault is actually because of a low high end equips and super low useful cards. The idea behind the cards is super cool but at the same time 99% of all the cards are just useless, the game needs more high end cards that actually can be farmed or crafted with a custom quest, you have some pretty OP cards from lhz_dun04 for example or super strong MVP's but it's almost impossible to actually get one of them, you need thousands of players farming the end game to maybe a couple of them get one of this cards. Another thing on the same subject is that some MVP cards are just useless, come on, MVP'S should be the end pvm game but even the rewards for most of them are pure garbage, makes no sense.
Weapon evolution like the one Shining Moon RO uses is awesome as well and every server should have something like this.

- Balance:
The game needs some changes to be playable since the start by a solo player, some classes like Merchant are HORRIBLE if they are your first character, you don't have the money to Mammonite anything, you basically don't have the damage, the same goes for Mage solo players while an Archer, Thief or Swordsman can get to 2nd job without ever using a single potion, doesn't make any sense.
The same thing about the guild system, WoE is basically the MAIN thing about Ragnarok but not everyone actually likes to play in a guild, would be nice to have a custom domination event ONLY for players that never joined a guild it could be slaying monsters, gathering items, crafting special stuff, this kind of thing that would get you rewards just as good as having a castle but of course, needs to be super hard to actually get the reward from the solo since investing on a castle, fighting on WoE and everything else is not only time demanding but needs a lot of effort on the game.

- Crafting:
The game needs to craft to be more important, look at the items that a WS can forge, how many of them are actually used on any build? Let me already answer, NONE, the idea is actually super awesome, you can craft elemental cool stuff but we have some problems here like, doesn't matter how many equips you forge the damage cap of forged items is too low, the items don't have slots, this kind of thing that makes a crafting class actually something that is not worth the time, even tho you have all those skills and systems for crafting already on the game.
Another thing that I always wanted to see was actually secret formulas to craft items, you have combination kits and skills to craft potions and when you use them they gonna create based on something you have on your inventory, you could have some secret recipes to incredible powerful items, you could use some super rare items from quests or higher level mvp's combined with something very unique to create some amazing end game potion or something like that, the player would need an incredible amount of luck or an actual research, another way to make harder to find this kind of recipe would be specific amounts of rare items or a huge list of ingredients, this way you would have the exact ingredients on your inventory making harder discover by luck just because you have a ton of different items on your bag.

- Etc:
~ Things like Guild packs are just completely unfair to solo players;
~ Cash shop should not sell OP items;
~ Everything you can buy using cash should be available to craft via quest, also should be moderated, if you put a super insane hard quest to an item that someone can spend 10 dollars and buy, not quite fair, people should be spending money because they actually want to help the server and not because it gives so much advantage that's almost impossible to play without spending money;
~ Map chat should be a thing, I mean, when you get to a map to level up if you can just send a message that everyone on that map can see, organizing a party would be easy even for a solo player;
~ Achievement system with more and constant rewards, this is actually just a marketing thing that is proven to make anyone more interested on any activity, the idea is to give a lot of rewards on the beginning and then make harder to get the next achv and reward. A daily reward, monthly reward, this kind of thing is also really good for making the person more interested to login on the next day, sometimes you don't really have anything you actually want to in particular while playing but first you login for a daily reward and that goes into seeing something in the game that goes into another thing  here and there and the player doesn't even notice the hours that were already spent on the game;
~ Titles that actually give status, don't even know if this is possible but it would make the Title system actually useful, you could even give special and rare titles during some events and such, a lot of MMORPG's do this kind of thing, another marketing tool;
~ Limited items and events, another great marketing tool, you want a grand opening with unique rewards for example, you can do the same on special dates like Christmas, Easter and such, you also want to make the events CLOSE to the actual date and no on the date, dates like Christmas are usually spent with family or traveling, so you want to reward the players that are still playing even on those days but the main events should be on days that most players can participate, also a great marketing tool.
~ Automated events should always be present, you want to have options while gaming, you can make a pause on grinding to participate on a fun event like a quiz, hide and seek, or even an event inspired by real world games, imagine a event where the players are teleported to a map and one or two of them are assassins and the rest needs to run from them until the time is over, if they kill everyone the killers win, if they can't, the players win, things like this, custom original events are the most fun I ever had playing RO;
~ Community feedback is essential, you need to make a clear and objective feedback path and you can even give some rewards to players that give ideas that can actually be used on the server, maybe some balance stuff, maybe and idea for a new item and the list goes on, I see a lot of players on servers that complains about stuff while playing but they never go on a forum or something like that to post that feedback because of pure laziness and because they have nothing to gain from that, at the same time they have no idea if their feedback is going to be used or not, even something simple like an GM account logged most of the day with a Chat created for feedback is already a good way to obtain real time data.

That's it, some of my ideas, I would make a server of Ragnarok with my ideas myself if I had the money to actually pay a host xD
Ps. Sorry for any mistakes, English is not my native language and I don't usually have anyone whom I can speak in English.
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Re: Low Rate Ideas
« Reply #18 on: Apr 07, 2018, 12:16 PM »
Wow! you have a wonderful idea! thank you for your input,, ill try to come up with that

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Re: Low Rate Ideas
« Reply #19 on: Apr 07, 2018, 08:10 PM »
Gonna leave my ideas of a nice low rate server, I doubt anyone would actually use it because is kind of unpopular but hey maybe a miracle will come by...

I've solved 99% of the problems you've said. Just saying.
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Re: Low Rate Ideas
« Reply #20 on: Apr 11, 2018, 03:13 AM »
you guys are all wrong you need to find a different perspective. rather than tuning the formula you need to bring something new to the table. like poring ball physics.

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Re: Low Rate Ideas
« Reply #21 on: Apr 12, 2018, 02:53 AM »
you guys are all wrong you need to find a different perspective. rather than tuning the formula you need to bring something new to the table. like poring ball physics.

Poring ball physics would be next gen. But the real talk is getting things done. Everyone talks a big game about how to build decent RO server, but you never get a playable prototype thats close to what was promised. :/