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Author Topic: Is there any server out there managed with passion and not for profit?  (Read 17304 times)

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Offline HollyDolly

Honestly HollyDolly's complaints about OriginsRO are pretty biased in the first place. Having lurked on Origins on and off for years now I can tell you right away that there is generally fairly little drama outside a few players who simply dislike each other, and it very rarely reaches #main chats or similar places. Lately Origins has seen somewhat of a resurge of older players coming back, and these old players have brought a fairly s*** attitude with them, most likely (I'm guessing) because they feel they are entitled to a strong voice on the server since they were influential before. Unfortunately this reached #main a few times, but every time it's basically one guy insulting the 5-10 other people telling him he's wrong about something.

I won't give any specific examples because this is about servers and not individuals, but HollyDolly her/himself has spent a lot of time "trolling" in #main, and generally bringing a very negative attitude to it. While some players are clearly against rebirth/renewal/later content this so-called elitism is something a smaller group of newer players have made up out of thin air. Like I said I've been around for a while, and have been part of most of the bigger groups at this point. The only "elitism" that exists is WoE guilds catering to WoE players and expecting proper WoE characters out of their recruits.

I personally think OriginsRO is the best low rate server out there that's still up and running. Great features, very Mac-friendly, incredibly stable and with a long-standing community that, even though it has been close to dead sometimes, comes back time and time again. That being said the server does have some problems. Staff members are way too lenient with social rule breakers, such as flamers, trolls and overall negative attitudes, and would rather do nothing than confront them, which in turn leads to most other issues, such as tensions going high sometimes because of WoE, or random trolls in #main thinking it's okay to do what they do even though they are driving players away doing so. But honestly, I have tried many many servers over the years and OriginsRO is easily top 3 out of my all-time faves.

I'm not being Biased at all. I'm being honest. I have nothing against OriginsRO at all and even said it was a good server. I've never once trolled in main chats, or caused any drama at all there. I never once had a disagreement with any member on public chat or even private. There was one time where I asked a question ( Due to me not ever having experience on a classic RO server before ) and someone was rude to me and told me to off and threw a fit over me asking a simple question instead of just helping me. That was the only incident, and wasn't even my fault. There were actually several players who came to my defense during that. I genuinely asked a question about how classic stats worked and used the example by asking if Acid Demo on there would be based on M.ATK or Luk and was lambasted for it by someone with an elitist attitude who told me very rudely that I needed to ''move on'' from renewal. Excuse me, but Renewal has been out for years now and so many server's do thing's so differently, I figured there was no harm in asking how the Classic stats/skills worked and using Acid Demo as my example question. If that's ''trolling'' we got a major problem here. I would like to know where this 'Negative attitude'' is that I brought to the server, seeing as how I did nothing but make friends there and keep to myself. Most of the people on there didn't even know who I was. I signed up with someone and we both played together and for the most part kept to ourselves. I have never once been reported, or ever once had to be warned or talked to any GM over any ''negative attitude'' what so ever. Also, if you claim to be just a ''lurker'' how do you know who I am? Because only 2 people on that server knew my real name was Holly. Most them did not know me past my in game username, and only one person I can think of would know who I was from reading this thread...

It seems to me you're the biased one. Oh and, as for these ''new players'' or returning players, I have no idea about that as I quit the server a couple of weeks before the WOE Re-launch. Sorry. Anyways I'm done here, and have been in contact with the relevant members who can sort this issue out with me. Any further discussion on this, or my experience being devalued will be ignored. If you can't take the honest criticism and work on making it better, that's not my problem. I play a lot of servers and am honest about them, I am sorry if I don't sugar coat things. I left because I felt the community was full of drama ( drama that I wasn't even a part of mind you, and drama in this topic is getting out of hand now ) and if you don't like it then maybe work to make it better instead of blaming someone else?
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Offline yC

Let's get back on topic guys, this topic isn't about one specific server.  If there is need to talk about a single server it should go into a new topic just for it.  Thanks.

Offline darkxenon

Hi, new to RMS forums, been playing RO on and off for a few years looking for a server that was posted like this. Years ago there was a server called IvaliceRO that gave me this feeling that it was based on passion and thats what i really like about private servers. Not trying to advertise my current server, but has anyone here played AnkRO before? I heard some stories about the server's past and all but overall from what I have seen the GM runs it based on his passion for gaming rather than donations (even though he did just open donation option).

Offline fennec

There are servers who are not after the profit but sadly, people don't bother joining them.

Why? Because if it's non-donation scheme, there will be no budget for advertising. And people these days will never try a server with a population that's less than 100.

Offline DivineRO

We're using funds raised to donate to the Gamer's Outreach charity. Does that count? >.>

Offline Atchiro

Elaria is looking good in that aspect. Shame it doesn't have more players and the GMs are stubborn about some things that would fix that.

Offline yC

Locking this topic to avoid shameless people trying to advertise here.

Only time will and can tell which server are made with passion and just not for profit.