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Title: Improved Loot system
Post by: [email protected] on Jun 18, 2018, 03:29 PM
Hello everyone, I wanted to discuss about a feature I recently released in my server https://www.Shining-Moon.com (https://www.Shining-Moon.com) - Shining Moon.

The server is a Renewal & Pre-Renewal 1-100x rate.
[ You can set your own EXP rules and will be rewarded with a better looting option upon reaching max level the lower rate you've used ]

Basically, the current loot system in Ragnarok counts the chance of the killer and bonuses from the killer only, it makes using a bubble gum or any other boosting item for drop pointless if you're not the killer. And basically pushes the entire loot that was rolled through RNG through the party lootshare feature. Which basically removes loot from the killer and gives it someone else. Which is actually extremely discouraging to party and share loot with someone.

To promote partying and working together to achieve goals I rewrote the entire system how it works.

Basically if you're in a party the new loot system automatically takes over. It will check if you're inside an instance, what you're fighting and such. Based on these information it'll now check several factors...

The last check will now check if any of the party members fall through or not.
In case of everyone failing -> Old loot system will be pushed to be used.
In case of not everyone failing -> The new loot system will be pushed to be used.

Now let's get into details of what exactly happens:


The drop information of every party member is read and applied to their own drop, they don't stack with each other and are applied separately.

So in the case of the above, this poring will drop roughly 3 Jellopies that are instantly given to the party members. Without autoloot no extra loot will be generated so you'll never see a poring drop xxx items on the floor, at most only the original drop will fall onto the floor.

In case of an MvP, every loot except for the MvP Card will be rolled through the new party system in case of an instance and depending on party settings might be shared through the party interface. Otherwise on a normal MvP outside of an instance the loot system will default to basic and no extra loot will be generated.

This way, working on your character and using your own items for bonus loot chance, loot chances will be applied.
Plus it encourages party play in higher rates instances or even lower ones. Even normal grinding for an item.

Compared to 10 people fighting every monster on their own and 10 fighting together with the correct settings, the amount generated will be in the end the same. Except it's easier for everyone involved and even helps classes that can't farm easily alone such as supporters.
However some of the rules mentioned above are in place to not cause any weird farming situations where one person would abuse xx alts to farm items.
Title: Re: Improved Loot system
Post by: Blinzer on Jun 18, 2018, 04:57 PM
impressive as always, solid work /no1
Title: Re: Improved Loot system
Post by: xStormrage on Jun 18, 2018, 05:12 PM
This sounds cool! It's like how instances in the 3d mobile version works. ETs  and Guild dungeons in particular.  /lv
Title: Re: Improved Loot system
Post by: [email protected] on Jun 19, 2018, 07:41 AM
Ah, never played the 3D mobile version.

I wanted a way to make the loot table of a mob be more than just a simple list and make it be dynamic based on factors for every party member.

And thanks blinzer :)