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Author Topic: I'd like to know now many of you guys love a custom modifications effects ?  (Read 1677 times)

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Offline infiniteragnarok

As i mentioned in the Subject, I really would like to know the interest of people who actually loves Custom Modifications Effects on Ragnarok Game.
Such as, 3D monsters, Race, fully implemented new modifications, etc.
maybe like Voice mod, or other mods.
Are you looking for these kind of server?
Do you prefer the Original server like a classic one?

Thanks in advance!


Offline Duckshooter

I think custom stuff is fine if it adds to the overall good experience but I dont like it when a basic/boring server adverstises with "custom this and that" which takes a lot of effort to make but doesnt really add to the gameplay. Everything that makes a good experience better without sacrificing quality and not being straight up annoying is a nice bonus I guess.

I mainly play RO for nostalgia and farm things while watching netflix so I dont need fancy new stuff and if the old RO feeling is gone I might not like it at all. It'd still be nice to see passionate people putting in the work for good mods but I honestly think the community is too small, too spread out and not loyal enough to make huge projects worth it for a single server.

Offline Adel

Follow your heart. Put love in to your ideas. Make them. Some will love your ideas, and some will hate them. But the ones who loved it will remain loyal to your server.

Offline Playtester

I don't think I could like 3D monsters more than those cute 2D sprites. And I don't really see any reason to add a new race either.
I'd rather have new maps and new monsters. And a server that with so many modifications that it's possible a different game is also interesting.
Voice mod would be really interesting but too expensive to make.

As for official vs. custom. I do think both are viable, but if you go custom you really should go full custom. Like if a server owner just picks all the official mechanics and just changes some things here and there, it often just feels wrong or arbitrary. Then I'd rather play a server that tries to stay as official as possible. But if someone took the RO software and made a new game from it, then I'd be interested to at least try it.

More content never hurts, though.

Offline Esperite

I'm fine with some custom things as long as it still feels like RO in the end and has good balance.

I never liked 3D mobs (bow/sword masters, emperium), always feels buggy and causes slight lag when you see them on your screen for the first time each time you change maps.

Custom effects are totally fine, as well as custom/new items/monsters.

Would be (I think) difficult to do custom races unless you were able to create all the sprites for every available classes for that new race, but I like different races in general.

Offline Corgers

The latest trend has been vanilla servers, but don't let that deter you from developing your own content. I personally prefer a reasonable level of customization, and new monsters and effects are partly why players flock to private servers over official. That's why I love Functor's work so much!

I agree the 3D Bow and Sword Guardian mobs look strange. Maybe you can make it work? This Taiwanese artist, for example, has created a variety of 3D sprites that look amazing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7u7nfIh1EEk

Offline infiniteragnarok

Thank you for all the kind reply.
I agree and take all the replies as a whole.
Its true that some might like it, some might not.

Btw, Adel???? Seriously? Adel? You're like really famous in design thing! Wow I'm amazed.

Fuctor, the Gepard?
Yeah he's beyond us. Wayyy thereeeeeee up above.

back to the topic. I've seen some custom modifications where a server put too much modifications and effect, and you know what, first i come there, I'm amazed.
Second i log in, its chaos. I'm literally lost. I dont know what to do, I dont know where to begin, I dont know anything. and its just too complicated to put so much custom inside a server.
So I guess "moderate" customized server is the suits one, ofc it depends on players.

I agree about the "loyal" thing and nowdays everyone just move from a-b-c-d -z server. Thus, our community is getting smaller day by day. For instance to just thow it out there. Kamishi was one of the best with developing HAshield, not to mention all the works Kamishi has put out there. We need more people like Dastgir, Functor, Kamishi, Adel, Vykimo, those people, in my opinion, contribute a lot and have no doubt. They did amazing work.

Next, I wanna ask you guys about your own personal preference.
Do you prefer a server with 3D this 3D taht as custom headgears, or do you prefer just official as whole thing?

Umm, can I put just a line of "I need developer to work with my server. Please message me"
Sorry for this one ^ should not be in this thread i know.

Offline Corgers

I'll second that Adel IS famous. She does great work!

If you're confused about where to start, I'd recommend (1) writing down your vision for your server, (2) forming a professional team, and (3) spending time on proper marketing. Those three will put you ahead of the game by leaps and bounds. Low to moderate customization is fine at release - you can slowly work in custom content in future updates, since most players will be grinding at the beginning.

3D custom headgears sound pretty cool to me! But that's lower priority compared to the above.

Offline infiniteragnarok

Thanks Corgers! ^_^
ROGER THAT! :D /ok /ok /ok /ok /ok /ok /ok

Offline infiniteragnarok

I'd say the maintown though. If its not Prontera, people will go confused and like suddenly (most newcoming players) hate the server.
Is that true? For me myself, I will join a server if the maintown is prontera (Thats the first thing that's a MUST)
If other than prontera, it feels strange and feels like im entering something i dont know and getting lost there.
What you guys think?

Offline Corgers

Definitely Prontera, unless your server is a complete overhaul of the game, to avoid turning away players like you mentioned. If you want to shake things up, grab a custom Prontera - but that's as far as I'd go.

Offline Vanish

Would suggest to give it a shot. Once implemented, you can let the players pitch in ideas to make it more suitable for everyone in terms of visual appeal and functionality. Besides, it's not mentally healthy to hinder your ideas just for the sake of pleasing everyone.