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Author Topic: ROpocalypse - The Untitled Project  (Read 58244 times)

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Re: ROpocalypse - The Untitled Project
« Reply #165 on: Nov 21, 2019, 01:52 pm »
Well Ill be busy for god knows how long and probably have 0 time for any creative work

But ill be back hopefully >_<   /swt

See you later  /no1

tiny update:
Ive cleaned up my grf... no more iro npc or monsters, items or anything... all backed up and good to goo...

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Re: ROpocalypse - The Untitled Project
« Reply #166 on: Nov 27, 2019, 10:11 pm »
Hello, Im not dead, and i still have internet.  /no1

I have been working a bit today on a few things seeing how i have nothing to procrastinate over ( seriously doing some server things is annoying)

So with the help of the people at Turbosquid, they provided me a beautiful model , that of course, wasnt painted for ragnarok and i had to go over everything very carefully... needless to say it went perfect

Also ignore the floor, I need to triple the size as it didnt work how it looked in the modeler

It looks AWESOME

My new sand though... Im still learning some tricks, i could move to blender maybe with a bigger user base and tutorials... but I have this thing down for ragnarok... still learning new things every time i open it though  /heh

Anyways i need this park stuff done, even though most of the basics are completed for the town it is lacking finer detail ( Although ALOT of things look great [ because i am importing REALLIFE textures into ragnarok ] ) Some things like the traffic light is a bit meh... but i wanted to add effects to it

gotta push the doors and windows in...  The windows are fine... but i think ill have to make a different door, not see through.. no idea why i made the commercial doors for residential...  /hmm

Thats it for now, I didnt plan anything for tomorrow but probably just gonna add a swing set and maybe fix the doors... not sure

Seeya!   /pif


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Re: ROpocalypse - The Untitled Project
« Reply #167 on: Nov 28, 2019, 09:51 pm »
Lazy day today but i did do a few things :

I finished the swing set to an acceptable point

And i was screwing around with bromedit and the seesaw... unfortunately i wasnt really paying attention to borf when he was showing off bromedit animations, apart from how to make things move..... i didnt figure out how to change textures IN the software. So next time i make it i have to seperate the seat from the base like the swing... this isnt a AAA game so idk man i can still do it though  /heh

btw the see saw doesnt keep knocking back and fourth cause i only made it 6 seconds long and i need to like triple it or so for the next version

No sand? Well apparently the new version of the sand pile i made was crashing my server, no idea why but ill just not do it that way... apprently the hardest thing to do is the sand

Why am i making animated park stuff? Meh seemed like a good place to start

I have a theory for making animated stop lights , that arent just blinking effects because, if you spin youll see them... we can dig up an example but it doesnt look too good

Thats it for now, after i finish the see saw and sand, i need some park benchs which is simple af and then we can finish the town and improve a few things

I tend to do the whole rough draft thing... i mean it could just be me being lazy but whatever lol

Seeya  /no1


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Re: ROpocalypse - The Untitled Project
« Reply #168 on: Nov 29, 2019, 09:19 pm »
Today I finished the animated park stuff but still need a sand pit and a park bench  /ho

After I wanted to figure out a way to make my bricks brighter and balance out the darkness between the models and the walling... its super annoying balancing it out but... we'll figure something out

but i took a break today to do something else dont kill me

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see ya later  /omg

hmm i guess ill go draw for a bit  /ok
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Re: ROpocalypse - The Untitled Project
« Reply #169 on: Nov 30, 2019, 07:25 pm »
So i wanted to make a boss actually the biggest boss ( no joke ) using models... and animations

if you remember these sink holes

Ive decided to go with a

A demon so heavy the earth couldnt support him, It crashed down and hangs on for some reason... his foot steps reek the city

so im gonna have to break it up but heres the plan

He punches through the area and his other hand CRUNCHES UP A BIT LIKE A FIST all systematically

It hammers the area 3 times

So if i replace a trap with a huge donkey animated model... i can have all the attacks coming in a pattern right

And the area would have indicators cause you wont be able to see his other arm too well .. i have an idea

so smash smash crush crush

so if i add it to a trap itd be like a spawnable instance sort of thing... ready up and trigger the trap and he spawns on a timer with all the groud attacks...

Might be possible... I can see it but we'll see i guess >_<

He'll be one of the strongest bosses in the first era... so fighting him will require the best characters in the time... so lets say you looted real military equipment or some gizmo... probably not gonna use a fire axe on him ...

since the first era will be a bit more basic, while the job advancment will be retarded...


nope wont work properly
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Re: ROpocalypse - The Untitled Project
« Reply #170 on: Dec 01, 2019, 09:11 pm »
boring day today

I changed the bricks and went over the lighting and cracks...

Then ill be finishing the rest of the city

oh yeah and if i ever get assassinated i took a note :
- have to switch to 3d
- lose a few maps maybe half idk why  but models are safe. . still keep same idea and field style tho... technically i can save my map lay outs
-all 2d art goes into garbage can <- sad but no real use for it after wards

still got lots of textures though.. guess it could be worse mabinogi 3 will be out soon anyways
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Re: ROpocalypse - The Untitled Project
« Reply #171 on: Dec 02, 2019, 10:34 pm »
added 20 models today cars and garbage

filled the streets up, soon ill be done with the maps i got and they will all be pretty and ready to be copy/pasted some more until this sector is completed

got a constructino site / worm hill over the sub way and then a school or 2 with a few other random buildings

then i can do another tile set  /pif


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Re: ROpocalypse - The Untitled Project
« Reply #172 on: Dec 05, 2019, 09:32 pm »
Hi besides real life things i have been working on something

I finished the ambulance, Its pretty good, i dont need to make any significant changes but I wanted to open the doors and get a table for bodies on wheels going scene

we need more lights... smog and smoke i can fill the streets with only so much garbage

things i need to do :
police car
fire truck
fork lift
and a few other things like generators and steel girder things ( im thinking of a mini dungeon out of the building being built.. but an acrobatic dungeon we'll see

then i can finish building this city...

itll be really nice to have something to build off of, i could make a bunch of cool things but no real point IMO, easy to replace a block with a point of interest and not easy to improve without slaving in the 3d editor

but itll be fun to do underground stuff again, laboratories, and stupid s*** like bioshock remake... it wouldnt take long either just being helba isnt enough you know