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Author Topic: Rebalancing Rogue/Stalker - Revival of Ragnarok Online Stalker Spotlight(Video)  (Read 822 times)

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Stalker Spotlight - Revival of Ragnarok Online

Revival of Ragnarok Online is an ongoing project which has made innumerable improvements to the game "Ragnarok Online". As one of many parts of the project, I have redesigned classes to be more efficient and unique at fulfilling their roles in the PvM and PvP, bringing them up to the standard they should have been designed with in the first place. Stalker is a class which specializes in stealthily out-maneuvering opponents and sabotaging them.

In this video you can see the class grow by acquiring items from various dungeon monsters and using them to defeat stronger monsters, giving a small demonstration of the progression that has been forged in this project. As the more keen of you will notice, the monsters in these videos pose much more of a threat and are much more intelligent than in the original game, making these feats all the more impressive at such low levels.

Many more spotlight videos will come in the next few weeks showcasing classes, monsters, items, refinement and progression. For those interested, the server's approximate launch date will be sometime in mid January, depending on how long it takes to finish. If you were looking for the server that has done it right, your search has now come to an end. Always remember that there is no magic in greatness, only pure hard work.
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