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Author Topic: Looking for specific files in the data and rdata.grf files  (Read 575 times)

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Note: I know very little about RO coding and the likes.  /wah

I've been looking for some specific image files from RO to use for a BG I'm making. I've opened the data.grf and rdata.grf files with GRF Factory, but I have trouble finding specific images. For example, I want to find the buff icons (such as blessing, increase agility, kyrie, etc) that appear on the right side of your screen once you receive them.  I'm not educated on the subject, and I've been failing miserably in my attempts at finding them. I tried throwing terms through google translate as a lot of the files are in Korean, filtering out all file types other than .bmp files, but I can't find them.

Any advice as to how to find specific files (and if finding those files is even possible) would be greatly appreciated. /??

Thanks in advance!


Offline Zereges

Re: Looking for specific files in the data and rdata.grf files
« Reply #1 on: Jun 24, 2018, 08:10 AM »
As far as I know no one ever documented that. There is no advice I can give you on how to find specific file apart from opening every single of them and visually compare it.

Buffs are located in data/texture/effects and they are stored as tga files. You can extract all tga files within that folder via GRF Editor, open extracted folder, instruct windows to show "medium icons" and then search visually. You can also help yourself by searching for "*.tga size:<5KB". This will show all tga files with less then 5KB (buffs should be about 4-5KB in size) and you will find out that
agi up: ¹Îø¼ºÁõ°¡.tga
blessing: ºí·¹½Ì.tga
kyrie: ±â¸®¿¡¿¤·¹À̼Õ.tga
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