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Author Topic: Alice's Nightmare Instance (Pre-re)  (Read 1009 times)

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Alice's Nightmare Instance (Pre-re)
« on: Jul 06, 2018, 04:03 PM »
Follow Alice into the forest in Niflheim and try to figure out what is wrong with her.

This is an instance dungeon that includes 3 maps, 2 quest and 3 boss for pre-renewal.
One of the boss is a hidden extra to the instance with a small quest including a multi stage battle that will take a few days to fully complete.

There are no default drops or rewards to the dungeon quests or monsters, So you will need to add those yourself.

Although the instance is Pre-renewal, it can be used for renewal but you will need to revamp the monsters else they will be extremly weak.
If your server is a highly modified pre-re server you might wanna tweak the monster since they are geared toward original RO servers.

More detailed info in readme.txt

Map used are Haunt_e and Haunt_1 made by Syouji