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Author Topic: Skray client and only RO runtime and DLL package question  (Read 2189 times)

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Offline dark_priest

ok just want to know is it recommended to just get
Sakray client and then download this RO runtime file and DLL package
than getting the whole package?

because for some reason my game freezes every 10min after lagging in on
every pserver i download and when i used to have the whole client it wasn't
doing that.

i know it could be my internet but it was fine before when i used to have
the full client and yea just wondering.

i already called our isp they said that the DSL should be fine.  and i don't know
what else is up other than thinking that the reason i'm having this problem is becuase
i got the partial client rather than the full one i'm pretty sure that's not the problem
lol but i dunno what else cuz i can't play for s..t