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Author Topic: Homun bug  (Read 1114 times)

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Homun bug
« on: May 15, 2012, 10:40 PM »

Don't know why, but on the pre-renewal server (with no 3rd jobs), the homunculus are all buged. I can create, but I can't delete it. They can't be renamed, feeded (you can still feed they with @pethungry btw), also, they don't attack monsters, and if you tell they to do it by alt + right clicking the monster, they get stuck on the place. If the monster get closer enought, they attack, if don't, they keep standing and staring everything. If i don't vaporize and summon the homun, it still standind and don't follow me either. To test the homun I want, I need to make it by @makehomun, or kill my homuns by hungry and make it again, but since homuns made by @makehomun dispaers when you log out, and still have the same bug, it's kinda hard to deal with.
Oh yeah, this happens just with new created homuns, cause seems that a homun that I had long time ago act as it should.

Also, on the 3rd class job, the homuns act pretty well, I didn't saw any problem with they. I tried.

To don't make another topic, I found another simple bug, I don't know if I should report here on Aethena Forum, so I'll just let a comment: Feather of Bizofnil (id 5480) isn't giving us the all stat +2 bonus, so I have to use Glaris doll hat to replace it. anyway, my build lost all the +2 bonus in all the another stats, since i can choose just 1. I know that i can put 2 stats with @allstat 2, but I'm reporting anyway. If it should be reported on Aethena forum, I'm sorry for that.

Back to the homuns, the 3rd server keep crashing me a lot and also keep crashing itself so I can't make a long term test, so I would appreciate if it could be fixed soon.

Thanks in advance, and sorry for my bad engish. =/