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Author Topic: XyRO Recruitment  (Read 663 times)

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XyRO Recruitment
« on: May 01, 2017, 11:50 PM »
Hello everyone! XyRO(Ongoing Project) are looking for a talented Staff who have great passion
with Ragnarok Online

- 1 Core Dev - Have knowledge in Server Files
- 1 Script Developers - Have knowledge in Editing Scripts
- 2x Support GM/ Event GM - Support players for them questions/problem and etc... Active in forum as well

For those interested just post your resume down bellow Or bump me a message on my fb acct https://www.facebook.com/dev.core.399. Thanks

Temporary Website: http://xynetwork.ro-gaming.net/

Server Features

    Episode XII
    God Items disabled.
    Dual logging enabled.
    + Pre-Renewal Mechanics. (No Third Classes)
    No Customized Monsters, Classes and Skills.
   All Items based on RMS
    Fully updated client with image icon buttons, working navigation & more.
   Server Rates

   MaxLvL: 99/70 (Transcend Job Only)
    Base / Job Experience Rate: 25x
    Normal Equipment Drop Rate: 15x
    Usable / Misc. Drop Rate: 15x
    Normal Card Drop Rate: 50x
    MVP Equipment Drop Rate: 1x
    MVP Card Drop Rate: 1x
   Custom Features

    Job Master - Allowed you to Change your Job without Quest
    Skill & Stat Reset. (Requires reasonable fee)
    Rentals NPC
    Advance Warper NPC
    Sylist NPC
    Healer NPC
    Banking System
   Voting System
   Costum System
    PvP Ladder
   Guild Ranking
   MVP Ranking
   Card Remover NPC
   Frequent Automated Events
   Adv PvP Warper - inc. (Guild vs Guild) , (Party vs Party)
   Coin Exchanger NPC - exchanges your zeny to coin
   Headgear Quest NPC (Tons of headgear quests available.)
    And Much More!