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Author Topic: Veteran RO Player  (Read 254 times)

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Offline Zuria

Veteran RO Player
« on: Aug 11, 2017, 10:59 PM »
Hello, if you are reading this you must be looking or curious of my skills and or looking for another potential GM.

My name is Sarah, I am 24 and have been playing RO on and off since 2002/2003 (beta iRO).

I have been a player and supportive icon for 30+ different servers. (An Event/Support/Police GM for 5 different servers Chu! Ragnarok Online, AnimaRO, Knight RO, and two others I've forgotten the names of since it has been so long.)

Now, rates matter not to me. I know that prizes varies for every server be it a low, mid, high, or even super high rated server. Customized Prizes, consumables, ect.

I plot for automated events, host events, and am on daily. I'm also an experienced Moderator from some games on Steam. Have been a Co-Owner of one game and Moderator on several different gamemodes on gMod.

My contacts:
Skype: ayanai. (I'll come up as Zuria)
Steam: ⋆☠ ๖ۣۜZaphy ☠⋆