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Author Topic: Snap Online: A fresh HR Experience is Looking for GM  (Read 787 times)

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Offline Kaleidoscope

Greetings RMS Dwellers!

Snap Online will be going BETA in a few weeks and we are looking to train some loyal GM staff in preparation of this! 

/lv Requirements:

10 hours/week activity
Fluency in English
General knowledge of Ragnarok Online
Calm and friendly personality
Active Discord Usage / Preferable on mobile as well
Understanding "Chain of Command"

/? Required Info:

Time zone
Fluent languages
Typical online times (based on server time: USA East coast)
Preferred role (support or event)
Previous GM experience
Reason for applying

/no1 Please send applicants to my Personal Discord: Kaleidoscope#0069

A link to our Facebook page that has more Info:https://www.facebook.com/536659143414695/posts/540442466369696/
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