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Author Topic: Passionate Developers, Mappers, Spriters and/or Act Editors Desired!  (Read 3553 times)

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Offline Ixmalka

Our project is just starting up (and so new that we haven't decided on a permanent name yet) and is in need of people to help flesh it out!

About our project

Server Name: PieRO (working name lol XD)
Rates: Low rate, specifics unsure
Positions: Developers, Mappers, Spriters, Act Editors

We are hoping to have a server defined by its unique additions to existing official storyline, as well as with balanced, unique customs, including entirely new dungeons and worlds and their resident monsters. However, for that to be realized, we'll be needing some pretty stellar people to help make things unique.


Do you enjoy the challenge of learning just what can be done in a server? Enjoy seeing something unique that you created come to life? But don't want to hassle with running player support, putting up with a server owner who just doesn't get it, or otherwise dealing with people? This is the job for you! Since the project is so young, there's plenty of room for you to add input and come up with projects that you want to see. You don't have to deal with any player support - the only people you'll ever have to deal with is the rest of the GM team (unless, of course, you decide that you want to take on the extra responsibilities of being an In-Game GM, but that's entirely your choice). The admins are understanding and flexible, and get that Sometimes Things Just Can't Be Done That Way™ and Sometimes Small Things Can Take A Lot of Time™ and other such issues that come up when you work with code.

Mapper/Spriter/Act Editor

Have the skills but don't have any more ideas of what to do with them? Or maybe you have some things in your mind, but haven't ever done it cause you didn't think there'd be any use for it. Maybe you want to push yourself a little, to see what you can really do, but don't want a full-time position in a server for fear that it'd be too demanding. Or maybe you have worked somewhere before, and found the demand make your work soulless and un-inspired. Well, we don't accept soulless-ness here! We're looking for people who love their craft, and want to show it off. Work will be at your own pace, and all work will be proudly credited to you. You'll be able to pick your own projects, and, since the server's launch is not for a while, there's no rush or pressure on you. The admins have themselves worked with maps and sprites, and their understanding of Sometimes Things Just Can't Be Done That Way™ and Sometimes Small Things Can Take A Lot of Time™ apply to these fields too.

For details on specifics of projects you would be working on, or to apply, send a PM to me, Ixmalka, with the following:

Your name
What position you're interested in
And anything else you think is relevant, including, but not limited to: your history in that position, examples of past work, places you've worked for, ideas you have, and just generally anything that shows us your passion for what you do.


Offline Ixmalka

Bump! We're still looking for lovely people to help us out =D No obligations!

Offline Tove

Hey Ixmalka.
I'm looking for a server I can help out with basic scripting, and to brush
up my skills in that area. I would love to help develop.

Call me Tove, and I would like to help you with Development.
Reach me at [email protected] if you wish to talk about it.

Offline Euphie

Just had to comment, PieRO was the name of the server I ran before merging into MC.. That was over a year ago though, just funny xD
Small world I guess ;o .. Small RO world~

Anyway you seem pretty driven to make this a success.. good luck in your search C:

Check out previews of our upcoming fully custom client!

Offline Ixmalka

@Euphie: Hehe, it was just the first thing that came to my mind. It amused me  :D

@Tove: Please apply by PM, as stated in the first message.

Offline Ixmalka

We're still looking for people to join our project =D

Offline BIOSOR

Developer me? xDDDD just pm me here

Offline KamuiHiko

Sending you a PM,
I'm sure i can help out with my knowledge and passionate desire to make an outstanding community.
Thanks for having the initiative to do such a project.

Offline Sage Crowley

I can't send a PM since I just registered, so I'll make this as quick and to-the-point as possible. I'm a mapper. These are some maps I did a long time ago. I took a long break, so I have nothing recent to show, but take my word that I've improved greatly. I have a lot of free time. Too much, probably, but I enjoy working on maps enough that I won't charge for it and at that rate I can almost guarantee you that you won't find a better mapper.

If you're interested, you can add me over MSN at [email protected]

Offline Belldandy

I have quest storylines and dialogue you can have.

I don't know what your server goals and storyline are, but it could be inspiration for more personalized works.

It includes an overview of the quests as well as full dialogue. It was meant for a server with factions; however, it's been discontinued. The work can still serve as inspiration due to its quality, though, and may fuel your own ideas.

Just PM me if you want to see.