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Author Topic: Looking for partners for a server  (Read 615 times)

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Looking for partners for a server
« on: Apr 10, 2013, 06:06 PM »
I am looking to partner up with people on a project I have been working on. I am looking for motivated individuals who can dedicate time and effort to the server. Along with being a partner, I am looking for individuals who can complement on the skills that I have.

Developer (NPC Scripting, adding customs, server files etc) - Even if you have limited knowledge, if you are motivated in learning, I will be more than happy to guide you and help you through the process.

To clarify, I am looking for partners who have some development skills, while it does not need to be extensive, the basics is preferred.

My project currently has:

1. Website
2. Forums
3. Working client/server
4. Harmony protection

Most of the overall structure and mechanics are completed, I am looking at refinement and details for the project

Those who are interested in partnering up with me, please send me a PM or just reply here.