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Author Topic: LunarPumpkinRo is looking for a moderator and a server / client manager  (Read 595 times)

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Offline quakeman00

Hai there, first of all , sorry for my bad English. I have just finished the first round of patch and script fix but i am the owner of multiple servers for other games and i single handedly have to "fix" and maintain all of them which become a daily chore without any extra time.

and due to the amounts of servers i have , i must also have enough of a presence for the players to have a touch with the server's direction when they have a bug report or suggestion.

i am now opening 2 post and looking for trust worthy people to cover these roles on a low rate server

LunarPumpkinRo http://lunarpumpkin.ragnarok.onl/main/

i am looking for a moderator, someone who will be in charge of the community aspect of the server and helping players in directing them whether it being for a quest , a bug report or for general information while also keeping an eye for potential trouble makers that could ruin the game experience for the other players.

I am not looking for a god tier level engineer, but if someone can find its way around server customisation files and making or editing npc and client related task such as adding monsters / maps / items and editing the patcher, that would be good enough.

i will also be in charge of doing both these tank but i would like to take a load off if someone can help me so i can attend to more work or my other servers.

you can contact me via discord, add QUAKEMAN00#2862 or my discord group https://discord.gg/gbNDFuH