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Author Topic: Highly Experienced/Qualified Developer Team Seeking Partnership  (Read 821 times)

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Offline Luneth

We are a small team of developers looking for a partnership with either an established server or an individual/team looking to work together on a new project.

What we offer -
We bring to the table a plethora of already made content, including such things as new and exciting battlegrounds modes, advanced MvP and PvP systems, custom instanced content, and some really massive ideas that haven't been done before. We bring together skill sets that include scripting, source, and client modification. I am more than willing to be more specific and even give a tour of our work to interested parties.

What we want in return -
We're not looking to work under anyone. We want to approach this as a partnership. Although we are qualified developers, we have no experience or talent in aspects like player management, advertisement, and generally just bringing a community together. That is what we would want out of a potential partner.

If you're interested hit me up on discord or message me here. Vii#0140


Offline diconfrost13

Hello, i added you on discord :)