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Author Topic: [Application] GM / Eco / Balance team members needed  (Read 452 times)

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Offline Kaleidoscope

Greetings RMS forum dwellers,

Ritual Ragnarok Online is a "hybrid Rate" sever that will be expected to launch February-ish.

As of now the rates are 600x / 600x / custom normal drops / 5% MVP / 10% mini / 15% normal cards. These rates are subject to change from now until the launch since we are still trying to find the "sweet spot" for the goal that we are trying to achieve game play wise.

We are currently looking to compile a small team consisting of GMs | Economy focus group | Balancing team | Advertising groups.

Please send me a PM here on RMS or you can message me directly on discord.

NOTE: When sending your message, please insert the position you are wanting to apply for in the subject and i will send you the corresponding application to fill out.

This is a NON paid position with opportunity for it to become a PAID position.

Discord: Kaleidoscope#0663

Skype: james.mehlman90

I cant wait to hear from you guys!

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