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[Recruitment] Top Priority: Developer
« on: Feb 25, 2013, 12:01 PM »
- Server -

CottonRO - 8/8/8(/0.3%) - is a project that's being developed by the team of CottonXL; a game development team/company
that has nothing but one goal; provide fun and excitement for our gamers!

We will make it quest- and partybased. So instead of killing monsters and farming endlessly, the players will have to complete
quests and apply for party instances in order to gain most EXP and obtain rare items.

CottonRO will follow the official Ragnarok Online recommendations, but we're definetly not scared to give it an personal twist!

The server right now is being worked on very hard, and so is the website so we cannot provide you with an link yet.

Max level: 99/70 (Trans)
Max stats: 99
Max aspd: 190
Third Jobs: No
Main server language: English

- Current Positions Available -

Developer (0/1)

We're looking for someone that knows how to make a server attracting. That is aware of the kind of customizations, tweaks and possible
modifications that a successful low-rate server needs. This job does not particulary imply professional coding, we already have coders,
what we need from you is to be applicable to write a good storyline, fun quests, and so on! Dedication and devotion is required!

Event GM/Entertainer & Support (0/3)

We consider this as one the same position. As a Event GM and Support GM you associate with players, you will provide support but
fun as well! You must have previous GM experience and state for which server(s) you worked for. Dying servers or servers with < 10
players won't count. You must be active, reliable, and worth trusting. You will get online frequently by your own, and not only on the
admins call.

Law Enforcement & Forum Moderator (0/2)

If you apply for this position you study the rules with passion, you know each rule and the punishment that applies for the rule breakers.
Your punishments will be equal and thus never differ from eachother, there will never be made any exception on the player, unless
discussed with a higher ranked Game Master. You will also daily check for bots, macros, or third party tool users.

Scripter (0/1)

If you apply for this position we require you have basic scripting/C knowledge, we also want you to to have an own test server to try
your scripts on, instead of using our main server as your personal test server. We want that your scripts function 100% before we add
them into the server.


Quote from: Application Form
e/rAthena Name:
Age: (Applicant need to be atleast 18+!)
MSN/Skype: (Required!)

Languages spoken:
- English - MUST BE FLUENT!
- ?
(- ?)

e/rAthena Experience:

Tell me some about your previous Game Master Experience:

State the servers you were a Game Master at, and why you left them:

We value long-term collegues. How long do you plan to stay on our team?:

How many hours a day/week can you spend in-game or on your projects?:

Are you active on community boards, such as forums?:

How do you think you can benefit us? Please be detailed as possible:

That's it, please send your application to me in a private message.
Do note that applications written in poor english will be ignored.

Thank you for your time.

Kind regards,

- CottonRO