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Author Topic: [Recruitment] Staff Applications Overview.  (Read 605 times)

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[Recruitment] Staff Applications Overview.
« on: Feb 22, 2013, 05:33 PM »
Rates: 3/3/3 (on weekends 5/5/5)
Card drops: 3x (1x on rare cases)
Max level: 99/70 Trans & 160/50 Third Jobs.
Max stats: 125 & 80/108 for babies.
Max aspd: 193
Server Type: Roleplay with a decent PvP arena for stress free leveling.
Main server language: English

XecutiveRO is currently accepting applications for staff members.

Age really doesn't matter, but keep in mind we are looking for an experienced and competent staff, able to handle any situation with maturity.
You must be polite and have an impartial judgment, we need helpful people willing to serve the community in a friendly and respectful way.
Being able to speak and understand English fluently is also essential, obviously.

The positions available at the time are:
Police GM, Event GM, Support GM, Forum Moderator, Scripter/Coder, Designer & Wiki Leader.
We are also in need of Filipino, Spanish & German speaking support.

Application Format. Please, send your application with the following format:
Your name:
How old are you:
Where are you from:
Languages you are able to speak fluently:
Position you are applying for:
Why should we pick you:
Previous experience:
Contact Information:
Comments (Anything else you think is relevant):

Please, send your application to [email protected] we will contact you within a few days giving a feedback.

XecutiveRO Team