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Author Topic: [Recruitment] SEA RO Looking for GM-Team  (Read 1062 times)

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[Recruitment] SEA RO Looking for GM-Team
« on: May 04, 2017, 08:54 PM »
Good Day mam'sir

Hello RateMyServer Community!!

On April 29, 2017, South East Asian Ragnarok Online was release . This server will run on tail of iRO/Sakray/KRO server we are planning to hire a professional gamemaster staff to help our community become bigger and alive . This server already implement the official VIP System, Clan System and also the new Class "Doram" Summoner . The Doram class mob,item,drop are still on process but 70% of this already on tail of iRO etc . We are luck of information about the full details of it also the story line is still on going . We added a town Official "NPC , Mob , Field, Dungeon, Mission Board " on lasagna to support the current release .

- New Race -
Mob info [ Already implemented ]
Mob drops [ 70-85% Done ]
Field / Dungeon [ Implemented ]
Story Line [ Nothing implemented ]

- New Academy the Critura  training ground fully implemented -
- Vip System Fully Implemented -
- Clan System Fully implemented -
- Ingame Supporting Ticket Fully Implemented -
- InGame Control Planel Fully Implemented -

What is your main idea for this server ?
No Wipe Server looooooooooooooong term server even a decade .
This server decided to make a multi server in single client and database so we are expecting a massive player and GM staff . First release is the Valhalla Server

Why longterm server ?
We decided to create this server because we also start of being just a Ragnarok Player . We play a lot of server then when we done donating to support the server alive they roll back or they just close the server and steel the money  /pif .

Valhalla [ First Release Beta testing Mode ]  FreetoPlay ! 99/50 to 99/70
Odin [ Feature ]  PayToPlay ! 175/50 Support 3rd job and also supporting tail of iRo/Sakray/kRO .
Asgard [ Feature ]  FreetoPlay ! 255/120 This server would be a custom server maybe with "Wings,Custom Item , etc ".

South East Asian Ragnarok online are now on Beta testing mode . So we also decided to look and hire a Supporting GM . As you can see we name our server SEA-RO so we also looking for a SEA Player GM-Staff to support there own country men. Supporting GM role would be " Forum/ Ingame GM Staff " . Different Time zone would be nice so every time we have a gm that can help player . Two or less GM of each country will be fine .

What are the types of supporting GM are you saying ?
Supporting GM  type will be Scripter,Designer, Police , Forum , Event Master , Support GM , Community Helper . As of now we only have 5 GM . 3 PH GM, 1 Georgian GM , 1 Spain GM

Do i need to introduce my self ?
Hello, Guys im Jeff or my RO Signature name is Poring King . Im currently Active one of our Open-Source Emulator im an rAthena Member and im also the main Developer here in SEA Server Nice too meet you all have a nice day ^_^ . Send me a Private MSG HERE in RMS Forum . oh i forgot server info :3

Server Information :
Daily,Weekly,Monthly,Yearly Event GM if Ever ?
Farm Base Server
Leveling Server
Quest Server

Event Reward
Cash Prize , Ingame Item Prize , Razer Keyboard Etc .
RMS Base

Official Hiring on SEA Server are now open !!

Updated topic date: May 7,2017 Time:8:34AM GMT 8 PH
How to get my attention ?
Reply or Quote my post and also Send me Via PM other info of server will be on private talk's .

Its like a promising server i hope we can work together so it would be happend . No Kid Brain GM open talk always , Share idea for server , Try to implement , Develop the idea , Upgrade the idea !
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Develop all small idea and upgrade it

Follow me on rAthena Open-Source Emulator
Poring King


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Re: [Recruitment] SEA RO Looking for GM-Team
« Reply #1 on: May 31, 2017, 12:44 PM »
I would like to apply for a GM position in your server. I sent you a PM. Please check it out.  /ok