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Hi there!

We at MroW are seeking new team members of all experience levels to join our custom rAthena based project.

A little about us; We're a full team of artists and spriters commited to creating a purely custom experience for players.
Our latest projects theme is Monster Hunter.
Our rates are 0/0/1 (We can explain!)
We plan to combine the very best things from Monster Hunter and the very best things from RO into one.
Currently we're nearing Alpha stage in development.

Positions Open -

*Web Developer
*SRC Coder
*DB Manager
*Community Leaders and PR

Training is also available in all fields of development and in-game usage.
As the project is completely custom from the ground up.
We've amassed experience in all fields. We invite anyone interested in learning -


*Client Hexing and setup
*Server Setup
*Patcher Setup
*SRC Coding
*DB Management


*Command Usage
*Game Master
*Ticket Management
*Event Management
*PR and Support

To also contact us along with a resume.

Firstly, forward a resume to myself through Discord. 'Grey#5007'
Please include your age and timezone and outline any experiences or interests you have.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Our Kindest Regards,

The MroW Team.


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