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Author Topic: [Recruitment] Looking for a full team.  (Read 495 times)

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[Recruitment] Looking for a full team.
« on: Jul 31, 2019, 03:56 PM »
Hey all,

For ThrillRO, a server that I've been (solo) building since 2017 (and only recently got some help with), we're looking for a knowledgeable team willing to assist the next phase. The server is pretty customized so won't be your 'vanilla RO experience', but hopefully that won't discourage you. Be aware that it is being developed as we speak and there's still a lot to be done.

Here's a tiny fraction of information about the server, although nothing is set in stone yet:

(click to show/hide)

All staff positions are open. You could apply for anything from a Tester to a potential High GM. From a Support GM to a Dev. From a Discord/Forum Mod to an in-game Event GM, any proposal is carefully considered (if deemed fit for the job after a chat).

What does it take? For now, I don't particularly have many strict requirements, but it would be great if...

☻ ...you are able to communicate in (at least decent) English. In my dictionary this includes writing 'you' instead of 'u' and the use of proper capitalization and punctuation.
☻ ...you have an open mind and are able to think out of the box. As mentioned- how things are now, the server isn't quite classic so be prepared for minor to severe adjustments. With that said, if you cling too much to the official features and preferably wish to see all my customizations reverted, you should probably seek out a different server's application.
☻ ...you are respectful and have a problem-solving attitude.
☻ ...you could be patient, as the server will likely not be launching for public within the next month.

Lots of bonus points if you'd be willing to first spend some time in-game so you could experience the server from a player's point of view before we would go live.  Our objective is to gain perspectives of different individuals in order to help create a server that excites a great many players, hence why your honest opinion regarding the server will be valued.

Being up for testing is not mandatory by the way, but definitely a plus.

Well, that's it. :)

Interested? Send me a PM with your position of interest and brief explanation why you'd be a good addition. Afterward we can exchange Discord IDs and continue this through a more live environment. I do work a lot, so apologies for any delay in advance~
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