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Author Topic: [Recruitment] IceRO looking for passionate, creative individuals.  (Read 778 times)

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Offline Aepora

Hello guys and gals, the server and I are looking for some talented people to join the team!
We are looking to stay for a really long time and we want to build something new for players to experience. So please if you have experience and are skilled feel free to apply!

A little information:
High rate 255/120 server, focusing on PvP/WoE and maybe BG, but also attempting to create something new for the PvE lovers.
We will also have beautiful looks for those players that like style!

Just ask if you need more.

We are looking for these staff:

GFX Designers. [0/3][NOTE: You will have to show proof if you're applying for this position]
You will be making the server look beautiful, a new world with custom sprites!
I'm looking for people to do different tasks
-Spriter items/hairs/cloth colors
-Customs Wings/Armors etc.

Scripters [0/2]
You will be making the mind blowing scripts for IceRO.
Please use your imagination!

How to contact me!
Email: [email protected] (Preferred)
PM me here on the forums.
Send your application to my e-mail, please make it detailed!
Good luck to every one of the candidates and I hope we find the best staff possible!
Thank you all!
There is no format, if you can sprite or script I'm sure you could make your own application format.