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[Recruitment] GFX Artist
« on: Mar 07, 2013, 03:27 PM »
First of all, you must know, this is for a hispanic server.

Why posting it here then? Well, because maybe someone who's not spanish will find it interesting. And also, I'm recruiting a GFX artist, not a Support GM, so you don't really need to speak fluent spanish.

I don't want to give any detailed information about the server, because it's not yet open. But it's going to be really soon.

It's going to be a low rates Renewal server, with a unique system that will probably make it different from the rest of the servers out there.

I need a person to help us with all sort of graphics resources, such as: buttons, banners, and specially Update images. (Those images explaining all the new content within an Update)

That's why I need someone who can keep up with the server's Update times (we'll probably have 1 to 2 Updates per month so we'll need 1 to 2  images per month)

Also, but this is not mandatory, you can work as a Support GM, if you feel like, but again, what I'm recruiting is a GFX Artist, not a GM.

If you're interested or want to learn more about the project, send me a PM with your Skype and some of your work, so I can see what you can do. Oh and by the way, don't try to fool me by showing me designs you didn't do, that won't work.