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I have a great idea to bring back Ragnarok Online since 2002. I want players to have a unique feeling on our server, not the same thing over and over like others server. I'm planning to release a "Classic" Pre-renewal 99/70 Low-Mid rate, maybe start with 2-1,2-2. then Transcendent Job later?

I got everything almost ready to release. I just need 1 website editor. We can start with a small team for now. If this server is going well. We can grow more team and make it even stronger.

For more detail contact me (Tan)  /ok
Skype: Sheephorian
Let's bring Ragnarok Online back

(This is a simple of our server)

That screenshot is just a map from Olrox...


Would you have room for a Forum Mod?

Well you are right and I am the one that designed this map and paid Orlox created it.

And yes. We also need forum mod


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