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Author Topic: [Recruitment] [EmissaryRO] Looking for an Honest Server Partnership/Dev  (Read 672 times)

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Offline wontonsoup

EmissaryRO is looking for a Core Developer.

A little about myself, I've been playing RO since 2004, and I used to host servers back in the day; however, I took a hiatus, but came back earlier this year. Recently, I decided to start a server, EmissaryRO, and now I'm looking for a partner/core developer that would be interested in hosting a low rate/prenewal server. I'll cover initial hosting fees, web development and server hosting responsibilities, and marketing.

Please contact if you're interested in this and we can work something out.


Offline diconfrost13

I'm interested with working with someone who got a long history in RO. Also, I replied on your thread in rAthena also /heh