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Author Topic: [Application] ProtocolXD's Game Master Application (Available Again)  (Read 975 times)

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Offline ProtocolXD

Name: Froylan Lim
Age: 20
Location: Philippines
Timezone: GMT +8 HK,Beijing
Availability: 5 - 7 hours
Interested Staff Position: Police GM, Support GM

How experienced are you with Ragnarok?:
I have been playing Ragnarok Online since 2004 and started playing in different private servers since 2006 till now, so I can say that I have a lot of experiences in Ragnarok that also includes being part of the staff team in different private servers.

I am friendly, helpful, approachable, dedicated and loyal. I work with passion and enthusiasm, I am always eager to learn and expand my knowledge, ability and skills. I am able to adapt to change with ease while having my effectiveness.

What languages do you speak fluently?:
English and Filipino

Past GM experiences:
FroyRO- Administrator / KingpinRO - EventGM / BestfriendRO - SupportGM / ValkRO - EventGM / High Rate Ragnarok Online - Event GM - FameRO - EventGM/Support/Recruiter - InsidiusRO / SupportGM - FairwynRO - Forum Moderator

Why do you think you'd be a good addition to the current team?:
I am a team player, I am sure that I can be a great addition to your team because I love working with a group because I can learn a lot in a team and it can help my ability and skills to grow and working with a group always finishes a task/job easily.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about you?:
I am a quick response person whenever you need me I'll be there  /no1, I love to get together and hang with players, make friends because I want to develop a good relationship because having a good relationship with players could boost their morale/motivation in playing in the server. I hate a server in which an Administrator or GM's are bias (there are a lot of them) it's not a good practice it downgrades the server, so I hope I could find a position as a Staff in a good server with a honest Administrators.

What can we expect from you?:
You can expect an exceptional results in every effort that I made, also expect that I often spend more than 9 hours in playing.

If you're interested in recruiting me simply PM me or post here. /no1
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