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[Application] Grey
« on: Apr 03, 2018, 11:41 PM »
Hi there

Status - Available

Name- Grey
Language- English (Native) , Japanese (Conversational)
Location- Japan

Seeking to join a prevalent server with a passionate team.

Previous Server(s) as Player:

 EuphRO, EvoRO, IRO, AnesisRO

Previous Server(s) as Staff:

EvoRO - (Events - 1 year)

Previous Server(s) as Administrator:

MidiCityRO / MidiCityRO 2 (2016/09 - present)

Experience through field(s):

Scripting - Basic
Database Management/SQL - Very Experienced
Map creation - Basic
Map Implementation - Very Experienced
Sprite re-texturing(Mobs, Items, NPC) - Experienced
Content Implementation - Very Experienced
Events - Very Experienced
Ticketing(Support) - Very Experienced
Liaison - Very Experienced
SRC - Basic
Client Side - Very Experienced
In-Game Support - Experienced
Debugging + Testing - Very Experienced
Web Development - Poor

Previous experience as the Administrator to a completely customized low rate project allowed me to be well versed in every aspect of content creation and implementation to rAthena running servers.
I've obtained a vast library of custom content albeit - Scripts, Sprites, Maps, SRC edits, Mobs and everything really.
Please note, some content is my own, some other content I've obtained the rights to use by their respective owners. This means I can't promise that the content will be usable (Negotiable).
I'm able to allocate multiple hours at a time daily.
Payment is not required, however dependent on requests, workload in particular areas or content creation. Best get the wallet out.

If you're keen to reach out and talk server talk.
Please catch me on Discord - Grey#5007

Until then!

My kindest regards,

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Re: [Application] Grey
« Reply #1 on: Jun 09, 2018, 05:27 AM »
Here's another form of showcase resume:


This is the full client for my old project.

I'm still modifying this here and there for fun mostly.

Check it out if you want to see what's possible in a fully customized build of rA.

Thanks again!