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Author Topic: [Application] Are you looking for an experienced GM?  (Read 1196 times)

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Offline Dextrus

Email: [email protected] (Updated email as of September 2017)

Are you looking for an experienced GM? Well, look no further! I know the secret recipe to ensure that your serv not only succeeds but is also profitable! I am versatile and capable of handling multiple positions, you will only need 1 GM in your serv but this is entirely up to you. Highly prefer to work in a low/medium rate as these are the types of serv that would last for a long time OR work in a start-up  with an admin that has a good track record; and a listening ear so that we could plan a great concept for the  and take-off with a bang!


- Based in South-East Asia.
- Over 13 years of experience in .
- Over 5 years of experience as a Game Master (Details of past s will be provided upon request).
- Facebook/Youtube Admin & Marketing (I also know how you can avoid copyright infringement issues from Gravity on these mediums. Trust me it is important and you can save yourself a lot trouble and headaches!)
- Pre-Renewal and Renewal available (Preferred pre-renewal).
- Good Public Relation skills.
- Quick thinking! Improvisational and problem solving skills.
- Able to organize and host grand events single handedly (Eg. Hosted auction events in the past with a few hundred participants and onlookers).
- Possess an excellent command of English.
- Standard video taking skills via Windows Movie Maker (Video examples will be provided upon request).


- Will treat all players with fairness and politeness.
- Will conduct all conversations with players professionally and in a formal manner. (No small-talk or idle chit-chatting)
- Being a Game Master is a 24/7 job. I currently work online trading stocks for myself. So I am able to be in front of the computer for extended periods of time. Always contactable and will reply fast.
- I do not believe in punishing a player unless it is absolutely necessary to do so.
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I have many contacts of players who are still playing in other serv and players who are always asking me if there are any nice serv to play. I would be able to contact a lot of my friends and ex-players from past serv to join yours. I am partly doing this because I want to nest them in a decent serv and my passion for the game.

Will update if I have more details to add... Geez, running a gaming serv was never easy. I have experienced a lot and learnt a great deal as well. Not entirely sure if I had left out anything important haha... Anyways Cheers! Looking forward to your emails!
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Offline Maze

Re: [Application] Are you looking for an experienced GM?
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are you still free ? If so message me on

Offline nostalgicRO

Please check us out
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Hi Dextrus,

We are a fairly new server. Opened last month.  We are a pretty unique server looking to fill some positions.  If you have the time please stop by and atleast check out our server features here.  We have a very talented group putting together new content almost every week if not daily.

Here's the link to our feature page:

There are many future features not listed on that page. If you have any question or curious about what we are about you can PM me.