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Author Topic: *SUPPORT GM* ( Application ) ProtocolXD's Resume [ AVAILABLE once again ]  (Read 3276 times)

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Offline ProtocolXD

Name: Froylan Lim
Age: 19
Location: Philippines
Timezone: GMT +8 HK,Beijing
Availability: 12:30pm - 4am  (PH Time) / 12:30am - 4pm (EDT GMT- 4Hours)

How experienced are you with Ragnarok?:
 Very Experienced. I have been playing ragnarok since 2003 but still i keep on exploring and learning more even though i have been playing since its opening in Philippines

I am friendly,helpful,honest and patient and with full dedication in responsibilities/task given with positive attitude.  /no1

What languages do you speak fluently? :
English and Filipino

Do you have any past experience as being a Game Master? :
Yes: FroyRO- Administrator / KingpinRO - EventGM / BestfriendRO - SupportGM / ValkRO - EventGM / High Rate Ragnarok Online - Event GM - FameRO - EventGM/Support/Recruiter - InsidiusRO / SupportGM - FairwynRO - Forum Moderator

Why do you think you'd be a good addition to the current team? :
I'm confident that i would be a great addition to your team. I'm able to adapt to the needs of players/staffs and bring more variety of fun to everyone and have no problem supporting/helping others.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about you? :
I have many ideas, and I am also creative and always want to explore something to learn much more. I'm loyal with full dedication to my responsibilites.  /no1

What can we expect from you? :
Expect good things from me, I'm a person someone who always look for enthusiasm
to learn more and explore more in gaining more experience and who has passion to all responsibilities.

If your interested at hiring me you can contact me:
Just PM me :D
or Reply directly here :D
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Offline GM TruFlip1011

would love you in my team.

let me know if you're interested.

web: http://www.retro-gaming.co

email: admin@retro-gaming.co

check us out!

Offline Peanut

You started RO since you're 5 Years old?

Offline ProtocolXD

Yup my father and i plays ro since 2003 :) he thought me about computer because he s an computer engineer he wants me to learn all what he knows about gaming hardware etc. :P btw i was 6 on that time

Offline ProtocolXD


Offline GM Shirayuki

If you are still available you can pm me via Facebook page.

Our Server is Aura Ragnarok Online.
And we are currently looking for an active Event GM Staff.

Offline ProtocolXD

AVAILABLE AGAIN kindly pm me if your interested  /ok

Offline ProtocolXD

Re: ( Application ) ProtocolXD's Resume [ AVAILABLE ]
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available - event gm / support

Offline ProtocolXD

Available again  /ok for Support GM