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Author Topic: XileRO HIDDEN ITEM and BAD GM!!  (Read 20224 times)

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Offline makkobodo

« Reply #15 on: Feb 28, 2015, 08:38 AM »
/o Some points:

1. It is ironical to see that he mentioned it as "HIDDEN DONATION" wherein fact he found it.  /x
2. Has the person tried asking the server owner? As far as I can recall, it was offered to the regular donors for purchase.  /x
3. @Jayser, I have heard that you left Xile to start your own server which is a rip-off of XileRO itself. Please, have some dignity and did you not benefit from being close to the admin? Btw, I have also heard that your staff buddy was found using edited status while he was staff. Good thing all these mischief were solved by the new staff.   /?
4. The one who made the blog post was a player that was banned for insulting and some other in game offenses. Too bad that XileRO abides with its rules.  /heh
5. GMs do not freely ban anyone at their will since they keep a ban log and reason why. It is even possible to be unbanned if no log is to be found.  /ok

hahaha, we are not banned, we are donation player.. i can still play right now, but we dont want to play suck server is create hidden item, please stop be a GM DOG, maybe you are the one USING f*** HIDDEN ITEM, NO ONE WANT PLAY IMBA SERVER, THAT WHY XILERO POPULATION 10~20 HAHAHA.. PRONTERA DEAD TOWN..


Offline Zeddicus

« Reply #16 on: Feb 28, 2015, 09:57 AM »
I don't know if this means anything or if anyone will read this but....

1.) What is this post really about obviously there's some Corrupt GM about the server.
2.) I thought this was a place for people to review your server and give feedback, not to go slandering any server under the Server Review section...

(@yC I think you were right the first time, This is no review, but merely a topic on who spends more money.)

I've been seeing this post as the Top post on RMS for quite some time now and all this post is about is a Corrupt GM and some Hidden Items... Not once did this post have a Review or talk about a review.

I know a lot of server owners come here to see what players have said about there servers.

Can we end this topic?


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Offline Triper

« Reply #17 on: Feb 28, 2015, 02:07 PM »
Moved to this section since this isn't looking any more like a review.

Offline DranzeCrosse

« Reply #18 on: Mar 06, 2015, 09:12 AM »
the items are not donation hidden!! the problem is server owner (Jon) doesn't update the donation items info in forums. if anyone comes and ask about there items,he openly tell about them
i play xilero for a quite long time..sometimes i come to pvp i see gms is there in normal acc. i and my friends fought agaisnt there gm many times and killed them (we're both donators) and we never was banned or had problems with gms...maybe in your situation you're just banned because you owns illegal accounts or items and gms knows that..i saw you many times selling items and accounts in xilero black market group allan..and now your crying here about gms because you banned hahahah
and rafa etau..never changes hahaha, the same crying b**** since rhile's era.
but 1 thing jayser wrote i agree...its absurd that some gm commands are available for donate,player who donate for that ruins the server even more!! 2000usd!!
sorry for my bad english
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Offline IvoryMouse

« Reply #19 on: May 05, 2015, 11:06 PM »
I'm a VERY long time veteran of XileRO. I played back when Pako was a raider of cmd_fild01 and Southern Prontera. I wanna say roughly 2009. There was a time however where people were duplicating sets and a WHOOOOOOOLE array of people got banned and I believe if I'm mistake I'm sorry, a rollback happend. I went on a very long hiatus (From 2009 until Now) and I've tried returning to XileRO and I can't believe my eyes. The server is not the server I grew up with, it's just a sea of Tagalog and 3rd Job's. It used to be good when it was a Pre-Renewal. Mind you I played on XileRO - PK. Where all the maps except Prontera you could kill people on. I remember my old friend Dragon5in(Professor) and AsianMan (SinX) who got me into the server back when LKH and Lord Blades and Taelfing were the top tier weapons on that server. The server has fallen from grace and is just a money bag. 50$ for a donation WEAPON. You kidding me? A lot of people won't remember me but I went by the SinX XHeartxStitchesX and VenusCreator. After I left XileRO I ended up going to NiktoutRO and then that got shut down. So I hate to say it but XileRO is just another Pinoy run server. It's not the old server I once knew.
Looking for: English/NA RO Server. 255/50 Pre-Renewal (Non-Kiel Based) Server OR Highly Custom 2nd Job Renewal Server. No Pay To Win.

Offline Nano

« Reply #20 on: Jun 04, 2015, 02:00 AM »
Jesus christ, you silly ==ice creams== are just asking to get ripped off, look at the kind of donations you get in the servers you play... and the VIP systems and items they implement at stupid amounts of money...

Seriously, how can you enjoy playing in this kind of environment; defies all logic.

I should make my own ==ice cream== oriented server and make +1000 stat wings and sell them for 1000 dollars, i'll get rich!

PS - Triper was here and ice creams are amazing to eat in the spring/summer.
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Offline Triper

« Reply #21 on: Jun 04, 2015, 10:35 AM »
Some people like those places where they can use their money for insta fun since they don't have much time to do it, to play the game and hunt gears here and there. We may not enjoy it but since there are a lot of servers nowadays, it's their choices, their options and who wants to play with them to keep playing even after knowing about it.

I remember a guy, for example, in another game, doesn't matter the name of the game or the person but was someone quite famous in a specific area, that used $300 in boosters just to play a game for two days. He bragged at the forum about what he did and said thx to the dev team for the quick fun that he had in those days. He quitted the day after that.

Ofc that selling GM powers is a big too much, it's like making someone the owner of the server, but the donation for items it's up to who play and pay.

Offline Lord Akihabara

« Reply #22 on: Sep 07, 2015, 05:56 AM »
I wish retract all the defenses I mentioned.

Not worth spending time in this dead server.