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Author Topic: I never really intended to hurt Labyrinth RO, but the GM deserves it.  (Read 13076 times)

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Offline annaquin

GM seems emo, arguing and trash talking is .. legit since you play in PVP and kill others.

1. As a GM never deadline or promise
2. Don't trade suggestion, pick whatever you want, but never give intel on what you tried to implement
3. Don't actually have any contact with player directly in forum and in-game.
4. Emo is fuel for Ego that's fuel Dram. Don't add oil by arguing back.


Offline Blinzer

you couldn't pay me to write drama this good

i have a better idea than making a massive mess out of absolutely nothing, both of you just stop

the kid has attitude but he is suggesting things for the good of your server, and the admin has been taking into consideration the things you say. you are both b**** for literally no reason, so makeup sex so the rest of the world can start spinning again