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Author Topic: TalonRO how you can end ur story by seeking a help from Main GM's  (Read 1956 times)

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Offline pestek

This is a story of being permabaned for ... seeking a HELP - at least from my point of view, since GM with peroid "BOREAS", won't answear my tickets, just Insta locks them - lol

So i had account for quite a while, never asked for stuf etc. *until the event of Server maintaince where a card droped from mob and game closed, and made a question *if it is possible* to get it back.

last week in TalonRO had alot of fun with GMs who ussualy make events, had lots of fun, made some ppl laught, to make the mood etc etc.

Had an item drop from event box, which was causing problems... they told me to redownload whole game - OK
game wouldn't turn on so i went to discord to post info about it - ppl started to s***" me that im downloading it wrong *fixed it by adding MISSING FILE which supposedly, was NOT NEEDED -Ragnarok.exe and kr.ini or sth like that.* so mentioned it, and asked in proper place to add the file so some ppl wont have problems, ppl started to s*** me more, and were laughing something about ban - AND BAM, YOU HAVE NO ACCES ... WTF? oh well OK, i don't care, game works

Game was working, turned it on after maintance, typed with some ppl, someone was asking on main about price of coin... was in small mood to troll so added one "0" - 10m and enter.

5sec later You have been permabanned
- No mutes - where i recall i could get this at max
- No warrnings
- No Jails
- No Answears in tickets

was annoyed enough to type two more tickets :P which were closed instatly - probably not even opened
and this is the 1st one where i ask in a way~~ *annoyed*  why i have been banned

overall, watchout for BOREAS ~~ won't explain, won't speak, won't bother, will only slaughter :P

and regarding ratings: "http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=serverstat&serid=1491&itv=6&url_sname=TalonRO&page_num=3"
where he states "we strive to assist all players with the support bla bla bla" yet he says that my scenario was not quite the case as ban was CONCRETE AND EVIDENCE-BASED rationale... uhm.... say what? what Concrete and evidence? , ah he forgot to mention that he sticks to the rulles he wrote - oh wait, he dosn't so thats why... he banned me on his rulle :)
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Offline Zabarro

I got banned once cause i asked my friend to go with me to a different server. lol.
This place sucks anyway, play somewhere else. Like nova or something