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Author Topic: Reporting SeireiteiRO Faith & Hope for RMT and faking its population  (Read 2116 times)

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Offline asmrislife

Hello I would like to report this server


for directly selling in-game items to players and faking its population

I played this server since its openening and i really like its features, I was one of the most if not the most active player in the server but during the 1st week a guy pm'd me telling me that he is thinking about quitting the server cuz he found out the GMs are giving/selling items to the other players and he thought im one of those players that bought items from the GM..so i didnt believe him and i even report him to the GM(GM faith)

here is the report i made

so after a few days a guy randomly pm'd me and told me he has 2 mvp cards,+10 items and 1bilion zeny, i thought he was just joking and trolling me so i made him show it, i was shocked to see that he actually has those items, im even more surprised when i found out the 2 mvp cards he is referring to are GTB and Tao gunka, like what i said ealier im one of the most active player in game and i know the other ones that are active, there are only 3-5 players that camp mvps and this guy is not one of them and this guy is actually known for just AFKing in town fishing(a server feature where u can afk and fish for quest items)...and so for a good 5 minutes he was explaining to me how those items are legitly acquired...so he's excuse for gettint the mvp cards is that he got it from bloodybranch cuz he cant kill the normal spawned ones cuz its heavly camped, like wtf? does bloody branch only summons gtb and tao gunka? and bloody branch are not cheap to get cuz its pretty much 1$ each and if u bought it by zeny you would need billions of zenny to buy that much of bloodybranches to be able to summons hundreds of MVPs. And he's excuse for having 1bilion zeny is that he used a command @autoattack, its a server command that makes your character walk randomly and attack monsters that are close to it(3x3), its like a really dumb bot and it usually get stack if it gets near the walls and he claims he only used 2 accounts to hunt at grandpecopeco map, ill remind u the rates are just 8x8x8-18x18x18 and the server only been up 2 weeks, and that same guy also told me another guy has multiple mvp cards too and 400m zeny and i ask him who and he named another player that is known for just AFKing and not being active at all(pvm-wise) and just pvp and koe. so 2 of the most non-active player have the most OP cards in game and +10 gears and a s*** ton of zenies.

here are the screen shots of his items he showed me.

so i told the GM Faith about it
and this is his reply to me(note: Hope is another GM)

then this

then in game GM Faith logged in and summon me to a private place to talk cuz i said i was gona report it to RMS
...he told me he sold the server to GM Hope and that GM Hope is poor and invested a lot of money to the server and i should talk to her before i report and that GM selling items to players are nothing new...i was like wtf? i should just be ok with it?

so i did w8 for GM hope before i report this and when i talked to her and she accused me and tried to convince the other players that the items i saw are legit and those guys are just "lucky" then admitted that he took money from the guy that has the GTB and Tao gunka and then IP banned me. So the 1st guy that told me about the GM selling items was actually telling the truth about it and instead of believing him i reported him instead.

and for proof of the server faking its population i got some screen shots, when u type /w in game it would tell u around 50 population but i found out that more than 20 of it are just afking novices in game scattered around multiple towns, i knew about this since the 1st week of the server but i thought it was just like 5, but today before reporting i tried looking for all of them and i found more than 20 and whats funny is when i told everyone about it, GM Hope's defender(players that benefited from her) told me im just lying and those novices are just sigh seeing...lmao and if i report it they would just tell that the novices in my screen shots were just my alt...so im Ip banned right now and if u guys DL the game and check it yourself i bet u, u would still see those Novices unless they see this and remove them and i guaranteed u the population of the server is not even close to half of that 50

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Offline yC

Thanks for making a report of this, RMT and population management is not covered by our Terms of Services for having a listing so I can only move this topic to the appropriate section of the forum for discussion.

Offline yennar

RIP Seireitei-RO

I do understand Admins, who wants to make quick money.

I do not understand the Players, who do RMT like this with admins for money.
Really - What do they expect?
As a player, if it is possible for me (even when the GMs tell to stay silent) to buy top gear for WOE/PvP, it is completely logical that you are not the only one who can.
If you are not the only one, it is a completely shortlived P2W System on the Server, just trying to milk the players worth.

What will the players of SeireiteiRO do after the first WoE, when everyone recognizes that their opponents also have top +10 MVP Carded gear? What will they do if they like PvP and join in only to meet top geared guys with too much money?

Non RMT Players will quit pretty soon. RMT Players will stand alone on the server with nothing to do. SeireiteiRO is doomed.
So why are players paying money for Items? To get an advantage? over what?
This is the reason, why at the first hint about such trades the normal, logical and rational player quits such servers.
The RMT Players will get pissed a month later, when the server goes offline due "maintaince", "got hacked" or something similar.

But do not worry folks - the next server, maybe even by the same persons (under different names obvsly) will open some weeks later.

Offline asmrislife

whats really sad is the server got potential and it was starting to really grow and they could have earned a lot of profit even without selling items directly to the players cuz their donation shop is already pretty much P2W.

and i thought i made friends there with the other active players but when i told them about these issues, most of them went against me, even after showing them the evidences, and later found out that a lot of them already bought items too. So that made sense why they would blindly support the server and defend its GMs, cuz they already invested too much money. They are totally the kind of players to blame why RO is dying.

Just imagine playing a 2 week server with rates of 8x8x8 and u found players that have multiple MVP cards and +10 equips and 1 billion+ zeny, what would a normal player think about how those players got that kind of items and wealth? even if this happened on a high rate server it would still be insane to think that they got it in a legit way, so how much more on a 8x8x8 server? and what are the odds of using hundreds of bloody branches and the first 2 cards u get are GTB and Tao gunka?

I just wish the GMs of SeireiteiRO Faith & Hope server would post here and defend themselves, and so that the whole RMS can hear how ridiculous their excuses are. But my favorite excuse is from GM Hope, cuz her excuse is "they are just lucky and you're just jealous" lmao

Offline Insomnia2000

I get the RMT part, but I didn't know that faking population was terms for removal. I assume all servers do it to some degree. GMs could @recall + @autotrade on an otherwise unreachable map. What about regular players just using a bunch of vendors? I've seen players on servers making like 10+ shops to help boost population count.

Either way, faking population count seems pointless for small populations. Eventually, people will realize there's not anyone roaming around.

Offline Erissa

I get the RMT part, but I didn't know that faking population was terms for removal.
yC literally said it doesn't break their terms of services, where exactly did you come up with this concept?
If faking population was terms of removal, there would be about 3 servers on the listing.

Offline asmrislife

well i think they should be removed from RMS cuz all of that stuff i reported counts as False Advertising

look at their facebook's cover photo
it clearly say "NO Spoon Feeding" which is obviously not true

and faking their population should also count as false advertising especially when they use their fake population as an advertisement like this FB post they made

like a said in my report those novices are there since the start of the server and even now the server doesnt have 30 active players not even close

and this post where they said the server has reached 60 peak players, just count if that is 60 players, my characters are even in this screen shot, i got 3, and all the soullinkers,bard and dancers were just alts too + the 20+ novices, you can also find more of like this at their FB page https://www.facebook.com/GMhope21/

Offline asmrislife

so GM Hope replied to my rms site review and look how the only issue she tried to defend is the zeny one cuz that is the only one i dont have a screen shot of.

and she said the other players were pissed to me just because i call them poor? lol? that was her reason for IP banning me? i never call anyone poor and i think she is only twisting the story of when i talked to the other GM and that other GM tried to convince me not to report her cuz shes poor and this is the screen shot of that conversation, look at the part with the red rectangle..that is the only time i ever use the word poor to that server

shes so pathetic