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Title: Hi to all Ragnarok Addict to 99/70 MID RATE!
Post by: markvhenson012 on Oct 08, 2017, 12:09 PM
ive been playing ragnarok since 2001 and its my first time to promote this kinda server coz its really worth it.
i always play 99/70 mid rate. ive  been throu many server. most of them are bias and closed already coz not stable.
coz maybe 1 of the reason is admin or server host is just want to open their own server..
but this MICSRO is really cool you can see the effort of the admin.. Server is Really f*** blanced..
admin is always online.. and very open for any suggestion (in a good purpose)..
and to be honest with you guys. its only 15-20 players online yet.. ~NEW SERVER.. take note no vendors.~

and if your gonna ask me why i choose this server since a played to many server before?
First you need or you must hunt the item in order for you to get it..~Why did i say that? coz like Zenro u dont need to hunt to get good item.. you just need to join battleground.. to get badge and trade to TCG.. TCG can trade to zeny and item and donation stuff..

not a bias server like StrikeRO~
StrikeRO is a BIAS server there a GM account abusing commands  creating item so that they can trade that to donation coin to
push other player to donate .. manipulating the currency of the item.. zenny currency is dead.
and theres 1 incident that IGN snap jesus =GM   Entered pvp and asura one of our donator guild member with GR  for 300k.. take note its a 99/70. and i tried to SB that char and iwas shocked coz my damage is only 15.. im full damage SB with link so WTF..
also  a lot of ghost player.. if you type ./w it shows 80+ players online but only 3 or 4 moving.. or active.

LidiaRO it was disaster no more details.. just full of VENDORS!..