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Author Topic: Droid Ragnarok Online  (Read 1440 times)

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Droid Ragnarok Online
« on: Apr 21, 2012, 06:29 AM »
Droid Ro One of the new opened server ...
Server opened around a week ago and here what i experienced

At start all was going well and good then when the gm came to know we used to kill the boss using jst 2 chars (Stalker and Linker) using reject sword and made euips...then suddenly one day the gm seems to knw abut it and guess what he did wiped the server and given the excuse that we were running on eathena3cm with second trans..

I knw that 3CM is bug for 2nd trans

After wiping the server GM did some of the ridiculous things like lessing the boss atk so that u cant use reject sword and even worst by making the boss teleport every 5 mins it means u have to kill the boss wid in 5 mins or else it will play hide and seek with you.... /omg

1 more thing i would like to highlight i thing ever one who plays ragnarok knws how to tank and kill SM its one of the ez thing u can do lure and tank.. /pif
but here when the gm see that thing he made SM insane by increasing it ATK like 300% more /hmm  so now u cant tank it bcoz the gm dont want the players to make euips ..

I would like to recommend you guys not to play this server and waste your valuable time here

No Offense...!!!