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Author Topic: Colossal RO Cheater  (Read 1057 times)

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Offline Balthier

Colossal RO Cheater
« on: Sep 02, 2017, 04:34 AM »
ColossalRO was trying to get more players from seireiteiro server. i think this is unfair. here is the evidence that they using their power to get more players.

This server is trying to steal players from another Super High Rate server. They even mentioned the name of the server from their facebook post. They feed players with items that results to unbalanced economy.

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Offline Kaleidoscope

Re: Colossal RO Cheater
« Reply #1 on: Sep 02, 2017, 07:30 PM »
Thank you for the Spotlight Balthier.

I would like to address this in the most professional manner. I am not "stealing" players, I am offering a package to players who would like to switch. This same general concept applies like a "Guild Package", Bring your guild to our server and we will give you a package to get started.

Secondly, this "proof" clearly states that its for everyone. Yes, i will admit to taking a "shot" at SeireiteiRO but there is no fault in that.
They feed players with items that results to unbalanced economy.

This is the best part about this post, I really hope you talked with your server owner "Ariez" about this.

So my server is very well known for not "Spoon Feeding" players, this results in them leaving for a server that will. I have had many conversations with Ariez personally about his player recruitment tactics. I also have a personal collection of Screen shots that will back my statements up. If you think my teeny little box created an unbalanced economy, you should ask why Ariez had to do a 2 week rollback.

Many SRO  players joined the server with a promise from Areiz, " I will take care of you". They received mass number of items to distribute with their friends who join, as well as coming back to MY server to offer them more items, seeing as our currencies are similar so it was comparable deal. Some of these players even obtained items that were not obtainable by any other means except from the GM that were kept secret. I have multiple screen shots of players being traded fully working Ahura Mazdas and Angra Manyus. These players became Invincible. So, sorry for getting of topic but this is just an example of how your argument is not here out of legitimate concern that my promoting is "unfair". This is a demonstration of ignorance and directed hate.

All in all, thank you for the "report" against my server. The hatred means you are thinking about me and i kind of like the attention  /kis

**If this WAS a legit concern and you as a player are completely out of the loop on the REAL politics of the server you play than i am sorry that you had to find out this way.**  /swt
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