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Author Topic: Ascend RO stealing accounts  (Read 2514 times)

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Offline Aki Senaka

Ascend RO stealing accounts
« on: Jun 09, 2010, 06:49 PM »
First off I'm not entirely sure this belongs here, but this falls under foul play in my book.

Anyways I didn't want to post anything till I was entirely sure this is true or not, and after investigating more (Checked CP and my friends friend list) Apparently the Admin/GM's thinks it's okay to change your account info and character names and give them to other other players. I had left the server (due to several reasons) but I heard WoE was starting so I figured I might as well check it out at least once, but to my surprise ALL my guilds characters who were Transed were "Unregistered" this was after some people from Ascend managed to find us on our current server and asked/begged/flirted for our accounts/gears and to my knowledge we all said no to them; and 2 days later are account are mysteriously missing, but a few of the guild checked CP to see OUR characters in the CP just under different names (I can't prove this without a doubt but I know for a fact no one was as high lvl as my clown friend and now there's suddenly a clown his exact lvl with a different name I had never seen) These changed names also appear in non-trans guildies (there account evidently weren't worth the trouble to mess with) friends list in place of our original names.
I could provide screen shots that the characters DID at one point exist but it could just be argued that we deleted them just to spite the server, but that would still leave questions I suppose. If screen shots are absolutely required then I'll see with what I can come up with since I was IP banned (because apparently it's wrong to try and find out why the GM's changed account names). I still have a few friends who still play so I can ask them for screenshots and stuff.