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Author Topic: AnimeRO ( Toxic GMs) (Advertising for Items)  (Read 817 times)

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AnimeRO ( Toxic GMs) (Advertising for Items)
« on: Sep 21, 2017, 01:42 PM »
So, I was playing on this server, even went out my way to donate to it.
To find out that there are GM's corrupting this server using GM Gears or (Fake Legits)
GM Aeron to be exact.

Pretty sure it specifically states that you cannot give players items for advertising servers via rms.

Even went out of my way to spend money on this server and have a good time to invite some of my friends to play.
Yet GM's are just ruining things here.

You will maintain good sportsmanship:

  •     Server owners caught providing incentives to their players for reviews of their servers (no matter good or bad) will have their servers suspended from the listing.
  •   Server owners caught trying to workaround the Terms of Services or taking advantage of loopholes (including, but not limited to: making any kind of misleading statement to players, creating any indirect way of providing incentives for reviews) will have their servers suspended from the listing.
    • Server owners caught attempting to manipulate reviews or review results in any way (including, but not limited to: telling players to give a high score, telling players they must write a good review, writing multiple reviews on any server to inflate/deflate rankings, associating server score, number of review or server ranking with any server goal or event, blackmailing players in exchange for reviews) will receive a warning and/or suspension from the server listing.
    • Servers caught allowing third party (including but not limited to: player, GM) sponsored actions or events to affect their server review results will have their servers suspended from the listing

    ( So what this is concerning is that I went into PVP and tried attacking this (Legit GM) Apparently, and he had Ahura on.... I screenshotted him using Fullstrip and sent it to the Admin, And he said you want to be jailed..(Implying that I didn't send the screen shot and that he wouldn't jail me.) .. I said there's no reason for me to be jailed... I'm just serving my right as a player... (Then he Jailed me...) So not only that but this is just wrong, I spent over 25$ here and for me to get banned.... (Yes banned he went that far) Over something that I didn't do.... Is just toxic. I wouldn't spend my time typing up this message if it wasn't for this server being so corrupt... The only GM online is him and he wants everyone to respect him to the fullest, even when he's on a So Called Legit...
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Re: AnimeRO ( Toxic GMs) (Advertising for Items)
« Reply #1 on: Sep 21, 2017, 02:55 PM »
The image you quoted seems to only apply to facebook pages/groups because our system doesn't include a LIKE button?

Moving this to rant section.