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Author Topic: Advertising in forums via PMs  (Read 1350 times)

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Advertising in forums via PMs
« on: Oct 18, 2010, 03:29 PM »
Got a random invitation for DimonRo in a really inappropriate place, i would say.

( DimonRO - hard but fair! ( GERMAN,ENGLISH,RUSSIAN...)
We are a new Lowrate trying to bring RO back to its basic fun as in the old days. We altered only minor parts of the game to refine to gameplay instead of making RO a complete new game.

We provide:
-PvP/PvP Ladder
-WoE(currently disabled)/Breaker Ladder
-Unique Quests with visual updates
-Rewards for online Players
-Intelligent Resets
-Balanced Healing

The staff is competent and we are always open for suggestions to improve the gameplay, but furthermore we are open for YOU! Join us now!

The rates are 6x/6x/3x and MvP Cards 2x! Quest EXP Rate is 1x

On the weekend the Quest EXP Rate floats randomly up to 4x and the EXP Rates float up to 9 randomly.

Activly playing users receive rewards automaticly and you can vote for points for further items, but they won't rip the balance of the game.
We are trying to provide custom quests to proper reasons(such as christmas, e.g.) and try to balance out everything we add. Whenever we add some alternative to something original, we think about something to make the original offer appealing, too.

To visit us go to http://dimon-ro.com/
IF You JOIN TODAY...say it to Deem ingame or Forums and you will get an item)

I havent looked for other servers to play so i have no clue how i provoked him to send me this.He is pming all the forum members, i believe.
Advertising your server on a famous server forums isnt really the best tactic you can choose as a start  ???

p.s. sorry if im doing this wrong, i just joined RMS forums :)
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