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Author Topic: Talonro banning  (Read 3829 times)

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Offline yoshiko07

Talonro banning
« on: Jun 30, 2014, 10:08 AM »
I played talonro for about a year and i can say that the server is really good and fun... but what i didnt like is the way they punish players and some gm's are also mean when replying to banned players..

this i what happened to me june 28 2014 in the Philippine time when i tried to log in my account it said that my account is banned due to vote frauding and force warping vendors which i dont know of... when it happend or how it happened... and so i sent a support ticket

i said that i am playing in a computer rental place when i play talonro because we dont have internet of our own... i told the owner of the shop that whenever anyone would make an account they should just use my account because that is what their rules say... that no one should have multiple forum account... i asked them to help me cause maybe the one who did it was the owner of the computer rental or anyone that used my forum account... and all gm boreas replied was no you broke the rules... no explanation.. no proof.. no help at all... and the time that i am playing talonro i always looked at gm boreas as a c*cky gm and doesnt even give considerations to players

i mean like atleast considers the one who play in a computer rental place i share most of my items with the players in the computer rental as they are my close friends... and when i looked at the report made about force warping i saw that the suno that warped vendors was the suno of the owner of the computer rental.. i dont even know what the owner do to vote maybe he changes the IP or anything... but do i really need to be dragged into the mess of others.. i am followig their rules that we should not have multiple forum accounts and this is what they do... i'm really disappointed on what they have done

anyways it is still a good server and i would be glad if i can have my account back or move my account to another forum account so that the ones who violated are the ones to be punished not  innocent players


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Re: Talonro banning
« Reply #1 on: Jun 30, 2014, 11:02 AM »
Not sure what's so hard to understand about the ban really.

You have two forum accounts. Both forum accounts contain a couple of game accounts, which are all named "yoshiko" and "ungg0y" in some variation. The passwords that are used on the game accounts on both forum accounts are identical. The computer used is identical too. And on top of that the e-mail addresses used on both forum accounts are pretty much identical, too.

Both forum accounts were voted on and claimed ingame various times at the same time as the other game accounts claimed the voting points.

Offline yoshiko07

Re: Talonro banning
« Reply #2 on: Jun 30, 2014, 09:56 PM »
hmmm i understand the confusion.. i already replied a on the support ticket i sent you... as you can see there are only about 2-3 computers that i have logged on as those are the only computers that have tro... most of the games played there are dota, dota 2 LOL etc.... as for the passwords i already explained it in the ticket... thanks gm for responding and i would like to continue the discussion on the ticket... i appreciate what you are doing and not locking my ticket without understanding my side of the story .. not like other gm's THUMBS up for GM seiren

i ask for a lock on this?