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Author Topic: Selling a premade website design (Full coded)  (Read 2074 times)

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Selling a premade website design (Full coded)
« on: Nov 23, 2011, 11:27 PM »
I'm trying to sell an old website design RO-themed I have made some time ago. It's quite simple and I think it can be adjusted to any server. For now it's just a plain website coded in HTML and CSS but I can also integrate it with WordPress administration system, so if you are interested in that we can talk about it.

Price: $50 - I only accept payments by PayPal.
For further modifications we can come to an arrangement.

Here's a preview of the design:
(click to show/hide)

The design includes:
- HTML and CSS files
- Images
- PSD layout to edit any image

After purchasing this design you can do whatever you want with it, editing it, redistributing it, etc. I will give full rights to the buyer.

I'm also interested in doing private jobs related to RO design, mostly web design but I can also do Patcher Skins, Logos, Banners, Loading Screens, etc. I have made some in the past but right now I don't have them  :P
By now i'm not available due to studies, but in a few weeks I will be on vacation so I will have a lot of time. If you're interested just post a reply here or send me an e-mail to: [email protected]

Well, hope you like it! And thanks for reading  ;D
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