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Author Topic: Old School Ragnarok Online - Low Rate - Hiring!  (Read 115 times)

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Old School Ragnarok Online - Low Rate - Hiring!
« on: Sep 12, 2018, 01:14 AM »
    I'm building a team who will help me to create a server that I have on my mind.

    The project will start from scratch,  which means you need to have a basic knowledge of what you are applying for.

    This will create a job for those people out there who are smart, creative, and passionate about what they're doing.

    • Web Developer
    - You will be focusing on Website Development.
    • Scripter
    - Your main duty will be on Daily Quest, Chain Quest, Customized quest.
    • Advertiser
    - You will be focusing on promotion & advertisements.

Note: The roles mentioned above may be subject to get PAID based on their performance.

Our server progress :

* We've already bought a website & web host.

* VPS - I prefer to work on my own computer and develop the game from there. So when the time comes, we will upload everything online.

* Forum - Categories and server information will be posted soon.

* Flux CP Integrated website - links and descriptions to follow.

* Server is up and running - server modifications can be uploaded.

* client work - on going

If you think you are fit to become a part of my team. Send me a message with the expertise that you have.

Contact Details:
Skype - adikzix
Mail -[email protected]
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