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Author Topic: AvalonRO Recruiting Developer  (Read 1836 times)

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AvalonRO Recruiting Developer
« on: Nov 17, 2011, 10:51 PM »


AvalonRO is a mid-rate(200x/160x/100x), long-standing English server known for its stability. We offer direct staff support, weekly maintenances, an IRC channel, unique events, a variety of custom content, and thrilling PvP fights that you won't be able to get off your mind!

With our unique community and friendly staffs, Avalon will surely make your Ragnarok experience one that you won't soon forget!



Server Info
  • Base Exp: 200x
  • Job Exp: 160x
  • Drop Rate: 100x
  • Card Drop: 0.75%
  • MVP Card Drop: 0.75%
  • Max Base Lvl: 255
  • Max Job Lvl: 99
  • Max Stats: 150
  • Max ASPD: 196

Positions Available
  • Experienced Developer


Pay is negotiable. If you're interested contact us and we'll discuss it.

How to Contact

Send your Resumé as a Private Message/PM or email at [email protected]
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