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Author Topic: Soul Linker Modification on a server with 255/70lvl?  (Read 3324 times)

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Soul Linker Modification on a server with 255/70lvl?
« on: Jun 13, 2009, 06:13 AM »
Okay since my server got only around 10 people It won't be enough even if Ask all of them about this suggestion of my player.

This is what he said:
Ok on many servers there are such a thing called Battle Soul Linkers which use their Skills in melee to their advantage BreakFall, Kaahi, Kaupe, ect. They are usually only seen in LowRates Due to being useless in high rates. They have been proven to be deadly in the Battlefields. Ill start with stats first.

For this a max lvl of 255/70 max aspd 192 insant cast 180 Dex (RareRO)

Total State Points 7185

--Must Stats Due to Needed to melee- SLs cant use magic attacks on other players---

Str - 255 (Attack = 897)
Agi - 212 (aka 192 Aspd with Dagger)(Sl can only use Daggers,Rods,Staffs,2hRods)

--Now we have these left & 1034 Stat Points Left to split between Vit & Luck
Vit- 99 = HP Total 52,933 aka killed in a few hits with the Average Dmg output on RareRo
Int- Not needed due to battle build.
Dex- Useless due to Such high Flee rates from 99+ agi and NO Melee Skills that increase Hit or auto-hit. + we lose out on instant cast
Luk- 77 Crit = 24 w/o cards so it can still be pumped up

Kaahi - Effect: While this buff lasts, every time you are successfully attacked (skill attacks are not affected), it takes SkillLV*5 SP and heals SkillLV*200 HP. If you receive many attacks in a short time, the skill heal you for the total of the attacks (up to the heal limit). Can only be used on yourself, your spouse, children or other Soul Linkers; if used on someone else, the caster will be stunned for 0.5 sec (not reduced by VIT).
LvL 7 - 35 SP taken, 1400 HP healed
--Result = USELESS 1400 hp is a MIN of 1 hit from a sniper and they can hit a good 10 times more or less before it goes off so the heal limit is far to low for such high rates.--

Kaupe - Effect: Allows you to absolutely evade an enemy attack. Evade all types of attacks from players (normal, skills, spells), but for area multi-hit spells like LoV only the 1st hit is dodged. It only dodge normal attacks from mobs, not their skills. When you evade even once, the effect disappears. Can only be used on yourself, your spouse, children or other Soul Linkers; if used on someone else, the caster will be stunned for 0.5 sec (not reduced by VIT).
LvL 3 - 100% Chance to dodge
---Result USELESS: Pro: can be used to dodge a single Asura, JT, ect. Con can only dodge once, can not cast fast enough to even dodge the next attack with instant cast. Instant cast on all other classes makes this pointless--

Kaite - Effect: Reflects all offensive magic and Heal back to the caster. It does not reflect status skills (those that make no damage) like Stone Curse. LV 1-4 reflect once, LV 5-7 reflect twice before disappearing. If the Heal skill used on you gets reflected, the amount of healing done to the caster will be reduced. Will not reflect spells from Boss monsters and monsters above LV 80. Can only be used on yourself, your spouse, children or other Soul Linkers; if used on someone else, the caster will be stunned for 0.5 sec (not reduced by VIT).
Max LvL = 2 reflects
---UseFull ^-^: despite the rates of any server this move is always useful on making a HighWiz, Prof, ect hit thems if they dont notice you are glowing.--

Warm Wind Effect: This skill changes your attack element according to used skill level. When the weapon is removed or changed, the enchant remains for all except the Holy element.
--Usefull as long as you are smart enough to figure out the enemy's armor even if using melee attacks.--

BreakFall- This is a skill you can turn ON and OFF by pressing the skill button. When you leave this ON, there's 20% chance of dodging an enemy ranged Physical or Magic attacks. It is not removed after death.
--SemiUsefull: Can be used to delay your death. you'll be stun locked from Snipers or JT spam ether way.

HighJump: Disabled in WoE as far as I know.
--Useless: Not Usable in WoE,
--PvP: Useless without instant cast you WILL die while casting it.

All other Skill are: Useless to BattleLinkers. We are made to fight not stay behind and buff.

Basically due to the HighRates of RareRo BattleSoul Linkers are Completely Useless. They Die in a manner of seconds when going up against any other class. (Main Factor is SL low HP from not being a trans class vs how hard the average dmg hits for in HighRate servers.

Ways to Fix This
There are 2 ways I can think of this:
1 Harder Way in my opinion- Completely Revamp most of the Basic Formals for Soullinkers according to the exact rates of the Server. Truthfully I could figure it out if I sat down for a few hours probably.
Keep their magic Unusable
HP Formula Increase according to Server Rates
SP Formula Increase according to Server Rates
Kaahi Skill HP limit Increase. Maybe a certain % of max hp instead of a set amount

2- Make their magic usable on other players and change a few other small things.
o Es-skill other than Eske and Eska now work in PvP.
o Soul Link (Alchemist/Monk/Star Gladiator/Sage/Crusader/Super Novice/Knight/Wizard/Priest/Bard & Dancer/Rogue/Assassin/Blacksmith/Hunter/Soul Linker) - Delay removed (originally 0.5 seconds).
o Kaahi - Delay increased from 0.5 to 1 seconds.
o Kaupe - Delay Removed. Only way to make it useful to go against max aspds and Instant Casts.
If Possible Increase SP Consumption and Heal Limit so it can actually be used.
o Kaite - Might need a delay added of 1 seconds, However its like CCS(Ninja move to evade physical attacks) only for magic but it reflects back)
Add Delay = good idea so magic can indeed Kill SoulLinkers if they have Instant Cast.
o Staff of Lich's Skull now equippable by Soul Linker.
o Esma damage is reduced to 75% in PvP (new formula 40% + 3/4lvl%). PvM damage has not.
No reason to change PvM Dmg, 100% Dmg in PvP would be OVERPOWERED. Ive seen it at 75% and since it needs a precast of another skill its not as spamable as other magic skills so 75% seems to be perfect.
o Eswoo is now removable with Cure.
o Allow Kaahi to cancel when cast again on a target that already has Kaahi active. (Due to some Ppl HATING this because its an SP drainer on Melee Classes.)

And Yes i have seen very similar changes on a previous server, The results were good, but might need to be tweaked after some testing on RareRo.

PS: I have similar Ideas for All extended classes made for HighRate Servers due to them being ignored so much lol

PSS: Sorry for the giant wall of txt.

Please let me get your opinions about this thanks!
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