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Author Topic: Help Me On This Server With Ninja  (Read 3259 times)

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Offline CharBiHun

Help Me On This Server With Ninja
« on: Feb 22, 2011, 07:33 pm »
The Exp rate of the Server that i playing now are:

Base Exp:
Job Exp:
Drop Rate:
Quest Exp:
Equip Drop:
Card Drop:
MVP Equip Drop:
MVP Card Drop:
Max Base Lvl:
Max Job Lvl:
Max Stats:

No Custom Card, No God item, Normal slot Eq.

I have 3 Custom top Headgear,
+8 Purple Valk Helm +40 int +12% damage Against Demi Human(Marduk Card)
+8 Rose Ring(-10% after cast delay,+10% magic attack rate)(Maya Purple Card)
+8 Purple Fairy Wing 50% recover sp rate,+20% max sp rate,+15%magic damage against demihuman(Mistress Card)
+8 Valkyrine Armor(Ghostring Card)
+7 Book Of Dead(Doppel card)
+8 Orlean's Server(Thara Frog card)
+8 Valkyrine Manteau(Raydric Card)
+8 Valkyrine Shoes(Fallen Bishop Hibram Card)
+8 Orlean's Glove(Siroma Card)
+8 Orlean's Glove(Siroma Card)

My Status:

I got Many MVP Card I Need help in either in Proffesor EQ and Stat Build or Ninja Build

I now Currently Playing Double Cast Professor, and there is one Champion KILL me with just one skill(Finger)40k each sphere which i feel it is sux.

I Like Ninja And Professor So either the Suggestion Build of one of the job.
THX for reading my post, and thx to those who will guide me.i will provide more infomation if u need it to help me build my Ninja and Professor. ;D


Offline mahawirasd

Re: Help Me On This Server With Ninja
« Reply #1 on: Feb 23, 2011, 01:37 am »
with boss cards seemingly so easy to get, why use raydric when you can get deviling?

sure you need to change elements, and just using GR all the time is not really a good idea. Try getting an unfrozen (marc) wind armor and change with angeling every now and then. Those 3 should be more than enough to cover your donkey.

profs and ninjas should be able to seriously reduce finger offensive damage with wall of fog and ninjas have cicada. Perhaps you could disable that monk with stone curse or freeze or curse (curse is actually pretty annoying and people might be surprised they got hit with it... plus at those rates and stat limit i assume sleep/stun/silence is useless)


Offline mohdamrilazuan

Re: Help Me On This Server With Ninja
« Reply #2 on: Feb 23, 2011, 05:35 am »
may i suggest despell... double cast proff is fast enough to cast despell onto other, when you did, stone curse and firebolt till it die... of coz fire will do more damage to stone curse status....

Offline CharBiHun

Re: Help Me On This Server With Ninja
« Reply #3 on: Feb 23, 2011, 09:48 am »
what i hate is the skill finger of the champion and maya card and i had no way to counter it, so i come rms to ask for help T_T

Offline mohdamrilazuan

Re: Help Me On This Server With Ninja
« Reply #4 on: Feb 23, 2011, 10:10 am »
im a FO champ myself... and i think using ninja cicada+throw zeny could kill me if they are fast enough.. if you want ways to counter FO.. try using wind armor coz it reduce FO damage when the champ uses MJ unless the champ decided to use converter..... ;D