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Author Topic: Can someone tell me how can i see monsters HP on PC version of the game...  (Read 1210 times)

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Offline hakkai1919

I cant see monsters HP.../monsterhp is on..but all i can see is the monsters name...no HP bar...but on the mobile version of the game i can see the monsters HP by %...but on PC version all i can see is the monsters name when i attack...no HP bar or even % remaining of monsters HP like in the mobile version...so i cant tell if the monster is dying or not or what liitle HP it has left...does anyone here know what to do?


Offline SukiChii

I think it depends if your server has that enabled or not.

Offline misterj

the hp bar is only available for clients from 2013 or so. though obviously your server supports it on server side, the client itself must be too old to know what to do with the packets showing the hp.

the %hp or text health bar is a custom thing that the devs have to enable on server side.

in other words - there's nothing you can do if /monsterhp doesn't help as you said.