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Author Topic: [Guide] Make your patcher always ask for admin permission  (Read 657 times)

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Offline SneakyBae

Hey in this guide I'll be showing you how to modify your patcher to request for admin permission by default.

In this example I'll be using Thor Patcher.

Note: You have to modify a clean .exe before packing it with your configuration, else it won't work. Same applies when adding an .ico

We'll also be using a tool called Resource hacker, you can get it here: http://www.angusj.com/resourcehacker/

This is what it looks like:

1. Open up your default Patcher.exe before it has been packed.

2. Check the list for "Manifest".

3. Change requested elevation to "requireAdministrator".

4. Make sure you compile before you save your modified .exe

5. Save!

And that's it! Enjoy and get less people asking for support about patcher not working/updating or missing resources in-game.
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